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  1. Hi Wilco, but did you only install the Lid of the RS airbox? Or the full airbox? as the airbox has a secondary hole for use on ST-RS etc.
  2. Hi mate not sure if this is the case but I had this issue twice now, after using forscan. Warned me battery too low on 11.4v went to start the car and turn once and stopped. All inside works, lights cluster works etc.. To fix I had to have car jump started first time. Second time I tried an easier route thinking it could be software glitch, I simply disconnected my positive on battery for 1minute then reconnected m. Started car and engine started first go. Not sure if my batteries going faulty or software issue, as I had it tested after this -and was classed as normal good battery. No fault. Hopefully this helps mate
  3. Thank You everyone 🙂 And yes i managed to fit the power folding mirrors yesterday, puddle and power fold activated and working. i took lots of pics along the way of doing the entire retro fit, so when i have a chance I will make the guide, will probably be a PDF document just like the automatic lights/rain sensor guide I made last year.
  4. Well just a huge update for everyone interested in this mod. I actually managed to install all the parts on Monday and unbelievable IT WORKED!!!! Everything was successful. I now have full 4 way one/touch/up/down windows and global/opening and closing. just waiting for my mirrors to arrive then they will be installed and activated 🙂 i will be making guide/updating thread for everyone or anyone who may be interested in this mod Thanks very much again for everyones help and input. And a huge Thanks to @mastachaz and @JW1982 They are absolute legends!
  5. Just an update! Today i managed to install the 2 rear door motors/mechanism for the electric windows. not wired up yet as I haven't installed the wire harnesses yet as it involves taking the doors off, at least the 2 rear doors that is. However to make sure the windows mech moved up to shut the windows after installed the mechs. I managed to use a 12v adapter with to points, touching PIN 1 and PIN 4 to shoot the window back up (touch then in revers PIN 4-1 and the window goes down etc.) Just to keep the thieves and rain out🙂
  6. @Jonro2009 thanks mate. regarding the one touch, no you will need to do everything im doing to get that feature as these features global opening/closing and one touch/up/down rely on the 6 pin window motors for front doors snd need all 4 door modules and the wiring to communicate. currently us with only 2 front electric windows only have 2 pin motors and incorrect wiring harness etc.
  7. Just an update everyone, I’ve managed to source the last parts, the 2 front regulators/motors for windows so when they come and weathers okay il begin the retro fit. 😊 wish me luck ahah
  8. Thanks for checking 👍
  9. you should be able to get the touch up paint of the website, think i got my absolute black touch paint for my alloys of fordpartsuk for about £15 last long too unless theres tons of kerbing. mine only had 2 little dots on but my OCD needed to fix haha. Edit: think moondust silver should sort out as the wheels are very similar colour, but dont quote me here:
  10. Just an update and some more hopefully good news, here is another ST loom. description states, "FORD FOCUS Mk3 LIFT 2014 comes from the ST version electric windows front and back, heated seats, subwoofer, parking sensors rear original part / very good condition" If you check that image out you can see the connector is wrapped up, so my guess is for wrap the connector up thats not used, i.e for either keyless cars, or rear windows/power fold etc. also im just in need of the 2 front window regs/with 6pin motors. Then i should be good to go and begin installation. 🙂 if anyone out there with mk3.5 facelift can check if they have this extra wrapped up connector then that would be great, thank you
  11. Hi Jon, yes no problem. i think it may be in mine since when it was bought this had the nav option Sync 2 touch and reverse cam etc. /(ive upgrade to sync 3 anyway haha) It may well be in your too since i believe all 17+ focus come standard wit sync 3 now. Anyway! The passengers 3 pin connector wire is located directly above the rectangle hole for the plastic light holder to go in(ambient footwell LED holder). just remove the 2 pins to remove the holding fabric over fuse box. colours should be the same black/white/brown/green and brown/white. mine was wrapped in insulation tape and could feel it so just unwrapped the tape and bingo she popped out! the drivers side is exactly the same, look directly above the rectangle hole maybe slightly to the right door and it should be taped up again to the wire with the insulation tape. Also if you can check if you have the extra connector that I found today for the door molex if you wouldn't mind. id be very happy :-) Good luck mate i hope you find them