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  1. Have you searched the forum as there are some great threads related to boot leaks - not all involve removing the trim of the boot lid- mine didn’t
  2. I just presume there not compatible with my car maybe I should buy the tool and try again but I thought they also self programme after a drive
  3. they were all from eBay - I originally bought a set of 4 and thought I’d replace them all but shelved that and just replaced the damaged one- no joy i then purchased another singular one and had that installed - again would not pick up with the snap on tool ( the other 3 tyres were fine) finally order a 3rd one (slightly different part#) as yet I’ve not got around to having it replaced needless to say it’s closet me a few£ if I leave the sensor and not reset - after a 20 min drive I get the ‘sensor not detected’ message My mechanic - installed the sensor and valve - back
  4. I’ve got various other with differing codes - needless to say they don’t work with mine - either faulty or incompatible
  5. I’ve got various other with differing codes - needless to say they don’t work with mine - either faulty or incompatible
  6. This is the one I’ve bought (hopefully correct)
  7. The one I’ve bought now which I hopes correct has like a signal transmission picture on it - that’s the only difference to the one that’s not working
  8. I’ve Forscan and tempted myself to turn it off
  9. Afaisk if it plugs in it should work - are you confident it’s a working fascia ?
  10. I’ve had this problem with my tpms- still not fixed but I think I have the correct part now - just not fitted ive about 6 here that are not compatible with my car- I think you need to get the exact one that was supplied with you car do you have the damaged one still? there is nothing in the wheel arch - the TPMS sensor in the tyre communicates with the brain of the car as far as I know
  11. If the fascia won’t plug into the loom(back of the fascia) it can’t easily be done as you’ve bought a facelift fascia that has a totally different connection
  12. He said press 5 times on the fig not 3
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