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  1. Regarding the current speed limit sign showing on the map screen, does that mean that because I have sign recognition I will not have it on the screen as well ?
  2. Iv'e updated from version 18351 to 19052 without any problems ( even using a Mac ) it is still showing software version 3.3. Where can you find out what the differences/improvements are with each update, to be honest I cannot tell any difference. Another question, is the map supposed to show the speed limits on the screen like Apple and Google maps ? , mine never has done.
  3. I don't think voice activated temperature control is incuded in the mk4 with sync3, like you it was in my mk 3.5 , although to be honest it something I have not missed.
  4. Will people who have version 3.3 software in there cars be able to upgrade to version 3.4 eventually ?
  5. I downloaded mine overnight, when i came to unzip the file a message saying the file was corrupt came up. It unzipped anyway but only showed two files, the autoinstall.Ist was missing. Binned the file and am now in the process of downloading the file again. Anybody installed this in a MK4 Focus yet ?
  6. Tried to update twice now , just keeps failing after about an hour, will try again later. I used a macbook to install my sync updates without any problem , I think the answer to use the Unarchiver App as opposed to the mac inbuilt archiver.
  7. I am now downloading the above software from the source above could you answer a few questions ? 1/ Do you unzip like the other files from the Ford website. 2/ Will it invalidate my guarantee. 3/ Does it download a file on my pen drive at the end to tell Ford that the upgrade has happened. I will be doing this on a Mk4 Focus with the latest sync3 software, the ford site is telling me that my map software is upto date. many Thans
  8. Thats exactly the same letter I got, must be a standard reply
  9. Iv,e have now lost the plot , ever since I bought the car in January the Ford download site has been showing either the 0MB file or try again later. At 8 this morning the site was showing i needed the useless 0MB upload, just tried again at 11 am and it is now saying my maps are up to date. I emailed Ford last week but they just said contact the dealer. Hopefully there will be an F9 version soon.
  10. OK so you had to wait two weeks before the correct F8 map udate came along, before then were you getting the 0MB update file ?
  11. mine is still showing 0MB , I can't understand how the updates page show different files to different people.
  12. Damn and blast after living in hope for the last two days the Ford udate site has gone from "try again later" to the useless 0MB file🤢. Whats wrong with Ford ? there's been a problem with the F8 map update ever since I bought the car in January , why can't they fix it and if they can't then remove the useless file from the site until they do. I e mailed them last Thursday but i'm still waiting for a reply.
  13. I have recently installed the latest software issue into my 2019 mk4 Focus ( version 3.3 build 18351) , the map udate for me has always been F8 with 0MB. Today iv'e noticed that when I check for the correct map update the site is saying try again later, i am hoping that they may have fixed the issue with the 0MB download and when the site comes back online it will show the correct download. Here's Hoping