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  1. My car has just had it´s first service ( two years ) and not due for another until a further two years ,one year after the guarantee runs out. I suppose there could be a problem with recalls and guarantee work. I would have thought it would have been a nice little earner for the Ford garage to do it so as not to invalidate your guarantee.
  2. Will local Ford dealers do the Forscan changes or does anybody know of someone in the Gloucestershire area that will do them. Many Thanks
  3. Mine started working today after almost a year.
  4. Just done done the update, took about one hour and went through flawlessly. On completion there was no GPS signal and the map was showing somewhere in the back streets of Germany, main reset cured both problems. This was done using Windows 10 on a exterior drive on my Macbook Pro but as I said no problems were encountered. One thing though, after doing a main reset I had an email from Fords telling me to rejoin Ford Pass App, when I re-enter my car details will Ford be able to tell that I have used CyanLabs. Many Thanks
  5. Colin Thanks for you help , I shall update tomorrow whilst giving the car it's weekly run around the back lanes of Gloucestershire. Next project learning how to use forscan to install the climate button.
  6. Colin Thanks for your reply, could I trouble you with one more question, did you leave the language selection box empty as I did or did you enter English(US). Will it make a difference leaving it empty ?. many thanks
  7. Hi Colin I've just downloaded the Cyanlabs latest release onto a USB3 dongle (downgrade mode ?) everythings seems to be OK. Before I take the plunge and install into my car did everything go alright for you? , does it also install the radio logos at the sme time. Did you put the dongle in before you started the car or after. I take it you leave the dongle in until it tells to at the end of the intallation, ignoring all other onscreen messages. Lastly how long did it take to install . Many Thanks
  8. Hi Colin How did you get the climate icon on your screen ?.
  9. Has anybody had success in installing this 8gb map update yet ?, when I try it just goes round in a loop loading the first part only. Is there a need for it ?, the only thing is that you need the file that you send back to ford on completion.As John above, the OTA search tells me I am upto date.
  10. Is it worth doing a full reset after each update, I've updated the Sync system twice and map once but never done a reset. Many thanks
  11. Thanks for your help , finally got logos back, downloaded files in windows 10 running in bootcamp them put them onto a usb. Went back into apple formatted a usb and transferred the files over, worked like a charm. Now I've got to figure out the problem trying to install the 8 gb supplementary map update.
  12. I am using Apple, will this make a difference ?, its never been a bother in the past.
  13. Thanks for the links, the first part downloads but the second part refuses to download. It seems to be the first part at fault (lst) as it comes up as error on my sync screen. Looking at the text file there does'nt appear to be a problem. Any ideas Many thanks
  14. Could someone please attach the the two items needed to get my radio logos back, I keep getting error code LST_ERR05 meaning somehow its corrupted. All the attachments earlier in the post do not open for me. Many Thanks
  15. Thanks for the answers , I will leave it blank then. Just a second question is it as easy as what it sounds ?, my car is a 2019 mk4 Focus. Many Thanks
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