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  1. thats the part number i got from ford
  2. 1046642 is the mph/khm speedo cluster part number 1406641 is just khm speedo cluster hope this helps
  3. i know you have said youve changed the hcv, but a few things 1. did you use genuine ford part ? 2. did you completely flush system ? 3. if did did you leave cap of a rev at 3000rpm to releif off any air locks ?
  4. hcv heater control valve, around £50 buy a genuine one though
  5. ill be more than willing to help if you wanna bring it round
  6. Olibabe if you can do diy it wont be a problem, no you dont need to swap whole roof
  7. i looked at ones online, but i dropped on this one from cleaned it up and it was all gd. by all means go for a new one, but its each to there own and end off day you will be waiting while you post off etc, yet if you have one ready at least you can swap right away and then if want send yours for replace. but for me made sense to pick up and do in matter off few hours
  8. hi mate if you tilt the seats forward you will find two area's for i believe to fit rear 6 x 9 speakers as an extra, the connectors should also be there. i believe these could easily be adapted to fit after market ones also
  9. i did mine myself cost me £20 quid in total, see my guide on the pages here is link to my guide
  10. check the actual shock spring, but if it was snapped the mot would off picked up on it, also have a look at drop links for any damage.
  11. haha mate, my misses lol, she used to work painting garden orniments and trains learned it through trade
  12. go for genuine ford mate and 5 litres of coolant, flush the system out, remove hcv replace refill, leave gap off, and heaters on full and rev above 3000rpm to let any airlocks clear
  13. also nail polish remove is good for getting any marks that might get on bodywork
  14. hi jake, how bad is leak, have you checked under carpet for any floor pan holes ? was the water still coming in on recent hot days ? cause i did have issues where i had went passenger floor but it was due to it coming through elsewhere, which i sorted