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  1. This stuff pal http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/4D-Carbon-Fibre-Helicopter-Bike-Frame-Protection-Vinyl-Tape-25-50-200m-black-/231968951904?varId=531164793549&txnId=1426220697013 25mm wide and I got through roughly 6 metres id say
  2. Nattys black hole and paste wax this weekend! 👍 Flyeye started to peel on tailights so got rid
  3. Appreciate the comments! Got the Zetec S grille on today (with a lot of help from my old man😂) and loving the look now. Think it looks way better without that horrible chrome lined grille.
  4. Cheers mate. Definitely stealthier which is the sort of look I'm going for! Also got a Zetec s upper grille ready to be fitted tomorrow hopefully
  5. Update for today, finally got the black carbon tape on the chrome window trim and some black gel overlays on the badges! 👍👍 In desperate need of a clean now 😩
  6. The flyeye isn't too hard, bit tricky round the curves of the rear light but stretches out easy enough with hair dryer. Have thought about detangoing just not sure what bulbs I need etc
  7. Cheers mate👍 Need to start saving for my holiday so want to get the few bits done then have to leave it for abit unfortunately:( will spend that time working on getting the paint in top condition tho
  8. Small update. Flyeyed rear lights now, needs a clean tomorrow and got the Zetec s grille ordered. Think going to change headlight bulbs to a brighter option, grille and lower it and be done for a while then.
  9. Got the rear 3 windows tinted 35% today well chuffed with that and also put on the domed gel carbon look plates, wouldn't stick on the rear with the pads so just drilled 2 holes and screwed them on. Starting to Like the rear now just waiting on my flyeye for the tail lights and brake light and will be happy with that!
  10. Was wondering if anyone knew any approx measurements for the rear lights on a mk7.5 fiesta... I'm at work so can't check myself haha but want to order some flyeye to cover both lights and sizes available are these what you reckon to go for? Also anyone know how easy to fit?
  11. Finally done the debadge today, was suprisingly easy! Think it looks way better now too Then Gave the car a quick clean using autoglym shampoo and aqua wax so couple photos of that too. Plan on ordering some gel domed plates this week too just as a extra touch but still got the dent in my tailgate to sort :(
  12. Hadn't even thought of this tbf but might look into it. Easy to change over do you know?
  13. had a knock on the car today tailgate dent and crack on bumper lip was away from car, happened in work car park so got to get it sorted now been quoted 280 for both sorted and respray... photos aren't the best but can sort of see it! ordered some black carbon style vinyl tape off eBay to try and do the chrome window trim and hopefully will get it debadged tomorrow now I've got hold of some autoglym tar remover and floss also ordered a black sunstrip so will fit that when get chance too!
  14. Love My interior bulbs. Only paid a few quid for a pack of 10 of eBay! Gonna look into a bit of black vinyl tape and get the chrome done definitely
  15. Think the images all up now? Trying go get used to the forum/photobucket haha. Yeah did think of dechroming but wasn't sure what method, either plastidip or maybe vinyl tape? Probably will go for black plastidip on wheels at some point!
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