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  1. Yetiman65

    What to look for when buying ?

    Check the "auto-relock" works (mine doesn't & I've given up chasing Ford about it 😎)
  2. Yetiman65

    Ford Recall

    My Edge went in for a service (18000 miles) in December with both recalls showing on Etis. The service department advised they were still waiting for the steering wheel from Canada (or wherever they come from) but it was ordered late summer when the recall first appeared for my Edge & they were also waiting for the A/C pulley parts. However, when I picked up the car they then advised the A/C pulley had been done, no mention of it on the paperwork but it has disappeared from Etis. TBH I'm not convinced they actually did anything! Anyway I await to hear when the steering wheel recall will be sorted.
  3. Yetiman65

    What to look for when buying ?

    Definitely check if it has LED Adaptive Headlights, it was a factory build option & worth the extra cost (see Forum threads on LED Replacement Bulbs!)
  4. Yetiman65

    brake Fluid

    The parts are on order from my dealer but I'm not holding my breath! Outstanding Field Service Actions 17B35 - ADAPTIVE STEERING 18S23 - A/C COMPRESSOR PULLEY SEPARATING We will check for outstanding service actions on your selected vehicle, using your detected country, if this is incorrect you may not see the right information. We have detected that you are in the: United Kingdom If this information is incorrect, click here to change your country.
  5. Yetiman65


    just fitted 4 Vredstein Quatrac 5 so i'll see how I get on with them (£167 per corner + £15 fitting)
  6. Yetiman65

    Brake Discs

    This was discussed before on the forum (July 2017) but the conclusion appeared to be the hot exhaust does give off a strong burning smell as you've described? See
  7. Yetiman65

    Sat Nav

    For Sync 2 map dates you need to buy a F7 navigation card (which is the latest version for now), assuming you have a F6 memory card in the car? Simply a case of inserting the new card which is available from ebay for around £30 (or you can pay a premium price if you buy from Ford direct!)
  8. Yetiman65

    Dash display

    I bought the F7 card from eBay late last year as my Aug 2016 Edge (Sync 2) had a F6 card in it when I bought it in March 2017, cost around £40, we’ll see if an F8 version ever materialises 🤓
  9. Yetiman65

    Dash display

    Sync 2 isn't that bad unless you want the digital speedo - updating maps is just a case of buying the latest F7 card from ebay :-)
  10. Yetiman65


    Just pricing these up on-line, similar price to the Pirelli Scorpion Verde all weather tyres so are the Vredstein's a better tyre in terms of all weather performance & durability? Cheers
  11. Yetiman65

    Entertainment Unavailable

    I was going to do that but then the fault rectified itself next time I used the car, just another Ford gremlin to keep us entertained, cheers
  12. Yetiman65

    Entertainment Unavailable

    Jumped in the car this morning for my commute & no music, it appeared to be simply turned off but I couldn't turn on via the touch screen or by the main volume/on/off knob, message on touch screen in the entertainment section says "entertainment unavail", anyone else experienced this & can suggest a quick fix before i start pulling fuses out or contacting Ford? The phone connection, satnav, climate control etc all work as normal. Cheers
  13. Yetiman65


    It's looking like 2, maybe 3 (I have previously had to change 1 tyre following a puncture), of my Pirelli Scorpion Verde tyres (255/45 R20) will need changing soon (15000 miles). So do I replace like with like or go for the all weather version of the Pirelli Scorpion Verde (I'd obviously replace all 4) or any other suggestions? PS on Oponeo the standard tyre is £163 & the all weather version is £161.
  14. Yetiman65

    Rear discs

    Morning Dave, do you happen to have a contact name/number in the service department at EH Blackpool so I can book in & hopefully pop over there & see if they can sort the Auto Relock for me while I wait? Also have you had a first service yet @ 18000/24 months? Just wondered how much they charge (looks like £287.50 when I look on the EH website)?? Cheers, Jon
  15. Yetiman65

    Rear discs

    Please share what's the sympton of "the dreaded adaptive steering malfunction"?