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  1. Pink is here!!

    How much did all the extra work that you are having done set you back? Very nice btw
  2. Swirl Marks

    Whats wrong with Turtlewax? I use it and think it's a very good shampoo
  3. Changes for Fiesta in October

    Buga, heated windscreen as standard on the Z S
  4. Frosty in the Flesh

    Very very nice, wish I'd had the leather option now though! Very jealous, as I was told there was a 10 day delay on mine yesterday
  5. New Facebook Group

    Requested B)
  6. Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4 53 HELP!!!

    I had the same problem. Be careful though as I had to have my CAT replaced shortly after as a result of the coil pack failure, can't remember exactly what I was told at the time (this was 2 years ago), maybe another member can explain?
  7. Lowering Springs

    Got my eibachs of ESP design, who are now known as "rude racing"
  8. OT - shocking video

    Shocking Video. I wonder how often the police do see incidents like that
  9. Pics of my girlfriend naked in Fiesta

    Bit of an anti climax <_<
  10. whats the best polish or wax?

    Thanks for the reply Yes for the dash, just using wipes that Asda sell at the minute, can't think what there called, just wanted to get some advice on alternatives and I heard somebody mention the Turtle wax one
  11. whats the best polish or wax?

    Slightly of topic, but Greeny, do you know the product that you use inside the car, I think it's a polish, but it's meant to leave behind the new car scent? I'm sure it's by Turtle wax
  12. Is it a good or bad to be a Diesel owner?

    QUOTE (alexavfc123 @ Aug 19 2009, 11:07 PM) * So just to confirm...how much is a MK7 Zetec S to insure for the year? Whoops meant tax, although thought you would of sussed that out
  13. New Fiesta Loder offering (Vision)

    Shocking. Especially the way the vent isn't smoothed into the bonnet
  14. 1.6 Petrol / Speed

    How come you changed the focus for a fiesta if you don't mind me asking?
  15. MK6 Part help needed

    Cheers matey thats spot on