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  1. Water Leak

    i have water in passenger footwell it only appears when raining i have had pollen filter checked all ok and then I found the roof interior is wet the water is mainly coming from above the interior light and then running down into the footwell I sealed the windscreen and resealed the antenna as the was a lot of water there but still getting the leak anyone have an idea its driving me nuts
  2. belt squealing

    just thought id put an update on for anyone else with this problem in the end the new tension pulley was a faulty one had it replaced again its now been a week and no squeak
  3. belt squealing

    Thanks for the reply bob the belt is only three days old the noise is a squeaking from the pulleys the belt doesnt look like its slipping when first started the noise is there when idle and when driving it first disapears when idle and after a short while when driving the noise then goes completly will try the talc thanks again
  4. belt squealing

    Thanks for the reply will give it a try
  5. belt squealing

    can anyone help I had a squealing from my belt drive Ive had the tension pully replaced and a new belt all was ok for a couple of days but the squealing is back its not as bad more of a squeaking now than a squealing and does go away after a while when it happens it squeaks when idle nad when driving its an 2002 1.8 turbo diesel