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  1. Mine sounds to me like a metal grinding metal for a split second. Always at 12mph and only once per journey. Case closed
  2. Ive got a really good unit cd. Aux. dvd. Bluetooth. Sd card. sat navigation. Phone. Made by Xtrons s it was 179quid ish.... It fits perfectly in the dash as it's shaped to fit the hole if u see what I mean. All touch screen an absolute bargain and a decent habit. Can send u some pics tomorrow if u like
  3. Yep. Exactly that. Took the car out today. Usually makes the noise as I hit a speedbump on my street, and I get a sort of clunk or sometimes a metal grinding noise for a split second at around 15mph and however much I try to recreate it.... It happens once per journey..... Pain in the back side but at least I know it's not my gearbox falling off lol.. Thanks guys
  4. Or is am I completely wrong and this is the normal abs self test noise... Will test tomorrow
  5. I have a 2009 1.8 Duratec he focus and have recently had a new 3 piece clutch fitted. Ever since this, when driving in 1st the car will sometimes make a sound almost like metal rubbing on metal. For a few seconds before stopping (sounds like an angle grinder lol) . This isn't accompanied with any clutch slip or loss Of Power and isn't at any particular speed just in 1st gear
  6. Thanks mate. I'll add that to my list of things to try.
  7. Hi guys. New to the forum and hoping for a bit of help. I have a ford focus 1.8 duratec he 2009.. And ever since I've had it the throttle seems unable to rev any less than 2000 rpm regardless of how lightly I touch the pedal it has a mind of its own and revs to 2000(embarassong when trying to park lol) it doesn't matter whether in gear or not it still acts the same however it idles as it should..... Up to now I have checked for vacuum leaks, replaced the throttle body and pcv valve . also had recent clutch. Any suggestions as it drives me nuts Thanks