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  1. kelvin1950


    Mine's a July 2016 build and still shows as 230.
  2. kelvin1950

    Brake Pad wear

    It's called "Up Selling". 🙂
  3. kelvin1950

    Google maps on sync 3

    I tend to use Via Michelin and Waze on my phone as they both take into account the fact that I'm towing a 'van and they don't have this hidden "take the narrowest route" setting that the Ford sat nav does.
  4. kelvin1950

    AWD turns off

    Mine goes to AWD when pulling away and then switches to FWD.
  5. kelvin1950

    Brake Pad wear

    Mine's done almost 18k, still on original pads F & R.
  6. kelvin1950

    LED Replacement Bulbs

    You sure it wasn't Manchuria? 🙂
  7. kelvin1950


    Yeah, I've updated my S5 card to S6 with a card from ebay. I believe there is an S7 card now available.
  8. kelvin1950


    Near the ashtray/USB port.
  9. kelvin1950

    Towing (and a small issue)

    Definitely not if it's a modern hitch with the Alko style stabiliser similar to the picture. This uses something similar to brake lining to help with anti-snake. When I started towing back in the 70s, we used to use copper grease on the ball.
  10. kelvin1950

    Two new very minor snags

    I suspect your front wipers are set to rain sensing. Turn them completely off.
  11. kelvin1950

    Auto Relock Not Locking

    We've got it covered then, one North and one South!
  12. kelvin1950

    Sat Nav

    This seems to be the way of things these days, my wife's Mini works in the same fashion.
  13. kelvin1950

    2017 Edge sport won't start...

    Over 3 weeks as I write this. I'd be jumping up and down by now, possibly on someone's head. Email Ford CEO, ask to speak to the Dealer Principal, involve the motoring press, AA, RAC. I'm afraid I have a very short fuse which is why I'm one of the few who has got their auto-lock on sync 2 fixed! This is a 40 grand motor car, not a playstation!
  14. kelvin1950

    Auto Relock Not Locking

    It's Think Ford Basingstoke. I must have sat on mine to change the shape I guess!
  15. kelvin1950

    Change engine oil

    What's a ballpark figure for the next service? Any idea?