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  1. Noisy heated seats

    Playing "Last Night of the Electrics" album?
  2. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Arrived today and, at first glance, seems to have pretty up to date maps. Thanks. Interesting that the car took about 5 minutes to realise it had a new SD card and to reboot Sync.
  3. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    Who decides if the fault is caused by the non-standard accessory? That would be the "out". "Oh yes sir, it was your towbar electrics that caused the xyz to fail."
  4. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Hmmm. Interesting as my local dealer was insistant that I had the latest maps and they only updated them every 3 years or so. They got quite sniffy when I told them to stop talking utter nonsense! Ordered, thank you.
  5. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    I always use this place for CEO/MD emails, very useful - https://www.ceoemail.com/index.php Ford UK Managing director is Andy Barratt, abarratt@ford.com
  6. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    Mine's Sync 2. My card has GM5T-19H449-FA written on it, whatever that means. How do you know that yours is F6? Or have I misread mine and it's really GM5T-19H449-F4? Any link for your ebay supplier?
  7. Just over 12 Months, still some faults

    I'm about to throw my toys out and write to Ford UK CEO about this useless sat nav. The map may be dated 2014 but is 6-7 years out of date IMO. Only yesterday, it couldn't recognise a road change which I know has been in place for 8 years. It had me driving up and down the road between two roundabouts, or it would have if I hadn't followed the road signs instead. Don't even get me started on entering the post code!!!!
  8. Traffic sign recognition

    And in mine.
  9. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    So it does! I also found another switch on the dash which allows me to open the tailgate without getting out of the car. Isn't technology wonderful?
  10. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    They are turned off automatically if the car senses a trailer plugged in to the 13 pin socket I assume. No manual switch in mine.
  11. Rear seats

    Dealer will tell you that it's a feature not a problem.
  12. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    Not true. Mine is a very early car - July 2016 build. Factory fitted towbar electrics work perfectly. I agree about the shins and the 13 pin socket though!
  13. AWD is Off

    Is intelligent 4WD similar to smart motorways?
  14. Rear seats

    I find it works if you lower the single first and then the double.
  15. Auto Mainbeam

    The operative word here is adaptive. The adaptive bit senses a vehicle coming towards you and adjusts the light output accordingly, not sure how. I have the LED headlights and mine are on auto everything. In 12k miles I've been flashed a couple of times only and one of those was when the main beam was off.