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  1. I know about them but no-one has ever explained to me about regeneration and the frequency of it.
  2. I'm going to admit that I have no idea how or when my 210 has done a DPF regen in 22000 miles. I suppose it has but I've never noticed anything to suggest that it's doing one.
  3. Really? In an Edge? How would he have done that?
  4. Which engine option should he have chosen then?
  5. Sold my caravan so have no need for the big tow car any more. This was a main dealer showroom car and has every extra possible. Colour is the rare Electric Spice, you'll never lose it in a car park! Full spec here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/123837044468 Looking for something around £21,495, obviously open to sensible offers.
  6. I hope so, mine's up for sale at the moment!
  7. Surely it must be compatible as it's on a card? Sync 3 doesn't use SD cards. Mind you, it is Ford Technology so I may be making a huge assumption!
  8. Not seen that on my Edge but it's happened on my wife's Mini and it was in very bright/low winter sunshine.
  9. As I said, around 32mpg when towing.
  10. My MPG drops when towing my caravan but not by that sort of amount. Around 32mpg when towing.
  11. Yeah, mine works, set mirror to where you want it, save setting and then just select LH mirror before reversing.
  12. I don't have this problem. The vehicle is made in Canada FFS! I would expect their winters to be slightly worse than ours. You're being fobbed off IMO.
  13. It's quite simple to work out what I did for a while. You need to read your post and then mine. I assumed you meant you worked in the motor trade, I'm not so sure now though having read your latest.
  14. OK. A new car after two years is very unlikely to need a new CV boot so the service will pick that up. If it doesn't then after 3 years it will have an MoT, and every year after that, the boot will be at least an advisory if starting to deteriorate, usually a fail. Good bit of upselling on your part though. 🙂 (It's also what I did for a while. Although i'm now retired, I'm not yet gaga.)
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