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  1. I can’t say that this surprises me. The original UK Edge is still a rare thing on the road and although the face lifted car came out (early January?) I have still yet to actually see one! I’ve been thinking about what to do when my lease comes to an end, but certainly will not consider a new Edge at over £40k (+ toys) and £450 a year road tax... It’s a shame, because I love driving my Edge...
  2. xn85

    Rear discs

    Sorry. Just seen your post... The dealer that I bought the car (new) from said it was discolouration and will not affect the braking. They waffled on about rust stains when car has been parked... However, they said that they’d make a note of my concerns. When I went for the two year / 18000 mile service, I went to another Ford dealer (£80 cheaper) and asked them to look at the rear brake discs. They said wear and tear...
  3. Mine was enabled by Evans Halshaw in Blackpool
  4. xn85

    Rear discs

    I’ve been dealing with Charli at EH Blackpool. She’s only been there a few weeks but seems to know what she’s talking about! Phone calls seem to go to some central call centre who are useless, but you could try 01253 699000. My car has now done about 8500 miles. When I booked the 12 month convenience check, the call centre tried quoting for the 24month / 18k Service. They wouldn’t have it that there was anything between free health check and full service and wanted about £290. After they dropped the call whilst transferring me to a colleague, I phoned back and spoke to someone else. The p
  5. xn85

    Rear discs

    How do you get the digital speed to show in Sync2 - I can’t find an option.
  6. xn85

    Rear discs

    Unfortunately Sync2 on the Edge doesn’t display the speed, although my 2014 Kuga used to have this feature...
  7. xn85

    Rear discs

    A number of dealers have reconfigured the Body Control Module and enabled auto-relock on the early cars. I’d pretty much given up trying to get it sorted as Ford refused to approve this for my car. An independent dealer tried it too, without success so it wasn’t just my dealer ‘fobbing me off’. When booking mine in at the dealers for the adaptivecsteering fault, I asked them to have a look at it - not holding out any hope! Imagine my astonishment when I picked the car up and they said they’d done it! IT WORKS! My car now automatically locks itself if you unlock the car, using the re
  8. xn85

    Rear discs

    Yup. Mine’s one of the early cars with Sync2, hence all the auto-relock issues! I have activated the navigation menu from the right steering wheel controls and when not following a route the display shows a compass. Does Sync3 not have this?
  9. xn85

    Rear discs

    According to the dealer, the blemishes are down to surface rust (strange how it appeared during a drought!) and will not affect the brakes. Apart from seeing the marks on the disc, there doesn’t seem to be anything otherwise wrong with the brakes so I’ll leave this for now and wait and see if it gets worse...
  10. IT LOCKS! I’ve just taken my car into the dealer (EH Blackpool) after seeing the Adaptive Steering Malfunction message and they’ve ordered a replacement steering wheel. Whilst in, I thought i’d try my luck and asked (again) whether they could reconfigure the BCMI... When I went to collect my car, I was informed that they had reconfigured the BCMI! Really? Feeling skeptical, I went out and checked to see if it relocked automatically if I unlocked the car and didn’t open a door. After 45 seconds... IT RELOCKED!! I tried it again and it again relocked after 45 seconds! I don’t kno
  11. xn85

    Rear discs

    Apart from the warning message, I experienced very light and vague steering. There was a couple of times when it didn’t do what I expected (understeer during close manoeuvring) requiring sudden corrections and poor self centering (again resulting in ‘whoops’ moments). The car was perfectly drivable and just required a bit more care. Usually the fault cleared after the car had been parked for a while. Apparently there is a field service action for a software upgrade available, although EH tried to say there was nothing on their system. When I told them the code (17B35) they suddenly ‘
  12. xn85

    Rear discs

    Well, my Edge is in for the dreaded adaptive steering malfunction and a new steering wheel has been ordered. Before taking the car in to the dealer, I had a quick glance at the rear discs. Passenger side disc is scored and drivers side is noticeably blemished! Not acceptable on a car just over 16 months old and used daily! I dread to think how they would look if it had rained in the past couple of months! Another job for the dealer to look at...
  13. EH Blackpool have said exactly the same thing. I spoke to the technician at Think Ford, who had got auto relock working on a few 2016 Edges. He confirmed that he had reconfigured the BCMI and this allowed auto relock to be enabled. Ford Technical apparently say that this can’t be done... Since putting my remote fob in a leather pouch, wrapped in aluminium foil, I am unable to unlock the car unless I am within a couple of feet of the door. This has totally eliminated accidental unlocks, making auto relock no longer an issue for me. Why I need to put my key into a makeshift faraday cage is
  14. Hmmm... could I say that this is linked to the BCMI so they need to reconfigure it?
  15. Good luck getting a dealer to reconfigure BCMI to correct the auto relock fault. Ford will not cover this under warranty unless there is another BCMI fault in the system - their stance is that the there is nothing wrong with the car. I’ve had two separate dealers (and Ford CRC) all say the same and refuse the reconfigure...
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