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  1. For the sense of satisfaction when it’s done!
  2. Climair Wind deflectors

    Really pleased with my Climair wind deflectors which seem to make the Edge look a bit more purposeful. They just fit inside the window channel and are quieter than I expected.
  3. Climair Wind deflectors

    I decided to go with the Climair, which arrived today. They were an easy fix and cost under £70 for front and rears from Ebay (Stoneacre Ford), including delivery. Havent driven the car since fitting them, so can’t comment on noise levels yet but will post pics and impressions in due course...
  4. Oil leaks from Gearbox case

    Just booked my car in for its 12 month check. Main dealer I bought the car from confirmed the service interval as 18,000 miles / 24-months and then quoted £304 for a 12-month check on a car with 6,000 miles... They had no idea about the 12-month check and offered a free ‘health check’ (oil, water and tyre pressures) or a 24-month service. Called another (smaller) dealer who knew exactly what I wanted, quoted £39.95 for it, yet had only sold 3 Edges ever! I mentioned the auto-relock issue and they are prepared to look at getting it sorted. What a difference in attitude. Car booked in for next week and I get a free courtesy car!
  5. Climair Wind deflectors

    I’m not sure I fancy sticking the wind deflectors to the outside of the doors... I like the neat look of the Climair, but love how quiet the Edge is with so little wind noise. I suppose I want best of both worlds as I want to reduce wind noise with the back windows open, without increasing wind noise generally...
  6. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    If you press the parking sensor button on the Centre console it turns them off.
  7. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    Three attempts to enable all the functions that should come with the dedicated electrics kit have been unsuccessful and I’ve resigned myself to having to press the button to turn off the parking sensors when reversing... I can also live without the trailer graphic on the display to remind me I have a caravan attached! However, all my electrical gremlins have apparently been addressed by other dealers on other owners’ cars... Hmmmm...
  8. Advice needed for fitting tow bar and electrics on Edge

    I have a dealer-fitted Ford detachable towbar. To enable features like disabling parking sensors when the trailer detected and trailer showing on screen, you will need the dedicated electrics, programmed to the car... Oh, and a post-November 2016 build date for all the features to work! My dealer said fitting the towbar to the Edge was the easiest they have ever done! The towbar is great and has no effect on parking sensors (I never detach my towball) or the hands free boot release. The only thing to bear in mind is that you will probably crack your shins on it when trying to use the foot switch... Or is it just me being clumsy? On mine, the 13 pin connector is a tight fit and is tucked away underneath the bumper, requiring you to get on your hands and knees to plug in your trailer electrics. The fitting for the break-away cable is well and truly underneath and needs you to lay on the floor to connect... a foam kneeler mat is essential!
  9. Hi, I’m thinking about getting some Climair wind deflectors fitted to my Edge and wondered if anyone can give some feedback on these. Having two Labradors who are obsessed with getting wet and muddy, we often need to drive with the rear windows open a bit. This causes a lot of uncomfortable buffeting which I would like to eliminate. Do the rear wind deflectors reduce buffeting noise when the rear windows are open a bit? When I fitted Climair deflectors to my old Kuga, I immediately noticed a lot of extra wind noise at motorway speeds. How do the wind deflectors fare with the active noise reduction on the Edge?
  10. LED Replacement Bulbs

    Happy New Year folks! I’m going to whimp out and have bought some Philips XTreme vision halogens to upgrade my dipped beam, and then probably will get some halogen H15s. My concern is with the lens shape, as I think this differs according to the planned bulb type... and am not sure that LEDs will be at their best in a lens designed for halogens. I just want to see where I’m going...
  11. LED Replacement Bulbs

    I might be completely misreading this thread, but think there might be two conversations going on... One seems to be saying that the DRL / Main beam bulb also functions as a parking light. This latter function is traditionally served by a 5w bulb and is too pathetic to be used as anything other than a ‘marker lamp’ to (hopefully) prevent someone running into you whilst parked. People who insist in driving using only their parking lights are a real hate of mine, so my apologies. I digress... The multi functions are all served by the same, twin filament (15/55w) H15 bulb... On my car, I can confirm that the lamp alongside the dipped beam does vary in brightness between parking light, dimly lit (DRL) and slightly brighter (main beam). The second conversation appears to me to be HOW the bulb manages to achieve all these settings. I’m not technical and do find it confusing how you can get three light settings out of one bulb, with two filaments. The answers to this i’m finding quite interesting and can almost understand them! Thanks guys! My own theory relating to the headlights on the Edge involves pixies and candles, but this might be a result of my bitterness at not getting a car with the factory fit LEDs... Please correct me if I’m wrong, but if not, then you are all correct!
  12. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    My local dealer is sticking to the party line. It’s not there and can’t be fitted. When presented with proof to the contrary, they just go la la la and stick their fingers in their ears...
  13. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    Having felt ‘fobbed off’ by my dealer, I contacted Ford Customer Service, who were useless. I then found the email address of Ford CEO (UK) and emailed him! That got a response! Suddenly I was getting weekly calls from Ford CRC wanting to help resolve the problem (which is compounded by an over-sensitive remote button that frequently unlocks my car from up to 100m away!). Eventually, Ford informed me that Auto relock is not fitted to my car, cannot be retro fitted and my car is actually functioning ‘as designed’. Ford have now started selling Edge’s with a redesigned remote fob, with recessed buttons! However, they won’t replace my keys with the new design as ‘everything is functioning as designed’. Out of frustration, I enquired about actually buying a pair of the new key fobs (about £600) and even asked about replacing the BCM. Apparently it is programmed to the car so the same software would be reinstalled, without auto relock...
  14. Auto Relock Sync 2 cars

    What a day! Following Kelvin1950’s post regarding having auto relock enabled, I first phoned Think Ford in Basingstoke before visiting my local dealer. I actually spoke to the technician who had fixed three Edge’s (to date) with the auto relock problem, and he kindly explained how he’d done it! Nice guy. I was totally impressed with his attitude, especially considering I’m over 250 miles away and therefore not even potentially one of their customers! So far so good. Then I went to my local dealer and that’s where things rapidly went down hill... I started off being polite and reasonable, explaining the problem with my car and that they’d already had the car in on three occasions and told me it couldn’t be fixed. I told them about this post and that I’d spoken to Think Ford who confirmed they’d reconfigured three Edge’s to enable auto relock. I was informed that they could not reconfigure the BCMI on my car without Ford’s approval and Ford had already said that there was no fix. Attempting to reconfigure my car could actually wreck the electrics on my car and could then cost thousands to repair. If I wanted to accept liability for them trashing my car and then paying them potentially a few thousand to fix it, then they’d give it a try... Alternatively, why don’t I take the car to Basingstoke? I somehow managed to stop myself asking why? Are their mechanics better than yours? My dealer finally agreed to contact Think Ford and check whether they’d encountered any problems, then they would contact Ford for permission to attempt mine... The saga continues...
  15. LED build change over.

    Has any one fitted the Philips XTreme vision 130s? I think I’m going to stick with halogen lights for now, but want something brighter than I have now (single candle?) and offering longer beam. I’ve used the Philips bulbs on a previous Mondeo and found them brilliant (no pun intended). With the Edge, I cannot understand why the lights are so poor. My wife’s EcoSport has standard halogen bulbs which are much brighter than those on my Edge. Is it the reflector design on the Edge which is rubbish, or just rubbish bulbs?