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  1. @Tdci-Peter thank you so much for the reply. I'll definitely hold off sending to the Ford garage up the road. will however get back in touch with my mechanic and advise what you have said. he had mentioned that the EGR cooler at the back of the engine should be connected etc, so will get him to buy the right pipes etc. as for the rapid leak of coolant, finding where this is coming from is proving to be difficult. and £20 for 5l of coolant from Halfords is starting to get expensive :( bought 4 already and got half of one remaining. I assume
  2. Hi all These forums have been a real help so far and now am hoping someone is able to help me. My Mondeo MK4 2009 1.8 TDCI suddenly overheated last week after a loss of heating inside the cabin. I was towed home by RAC and then had a mechanic come and look over the car. He replaced the coolant expansion tank, thermostat and also did a complete flush of the cooling system. Got the vehicle back yesterday and unfortunately it's still doing exactly the same thing. Heat inside the cabin all fine, engine heat ok... then all of a sudden freezing cold
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