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  1. I will be as thorough as I can but my father owns the car and getting info somewhat vague.... he started with an eml on dash, and gearchange on his auto box being lumpy, until this, no problems. he has taken to a garage and been told ‘control unit’ not right (am waiting for error code) but has advised my father to replace whole gearbox and unit, quoting over £4000 has anyone come across this symptom before, he is really stuck without his car and I’m trying to get advice ASAP so he doesn’t just go ahead with it. I have suggested a refurbished box, is it possible with the ‘control unit’ or do I have to replace / reprogram? Need advice ASAP please, thanks in advance
  2. Hello. If he has promised to fit a new one if it goes, ask for it in writing... Out of curiosity where did you get your clutch kit from and how much? Thanks in advance Martford
  3. Check the turbo hose itself.. and all surrounding hoses, only takes slightest split..
  4. Hi, experience from other reverse light switches are as follows, you'll findit located on top of gearbox, usually with a clip on lead, flick off the lead, loosen switch with spanner, then undo, oil won't come out as it on top. Before replacing with a new one. use a little bit of petrol to wash it off, then plug back onto lead and press the switch with your finger, if it works unplug lead, screw back into gearbox and plug lead back in. If you need a new one just order at for dealer, not expensive £12-20, replace as described above. Hope this helps!!