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  1. No Dave, I couldn't enter the IPC with Focccus so I just altered the rainsensor setting in the BCM module and it works as supposed to 😉
  2. Ha ha ha ha, when I first installed the rainsensor it was raining and because of that it started to wipe when i tested it in the intermittent position and never stopped before switcing it off :-) I just tested it today splashing some water onto the windshield with the sun shining and there it goes 😉 Thx for your help everyone and happy Easter :-)
  3. Hmm, exactly my thoughts but it doesn't work on my car 😞 I've activated line 24 "Rain sensor" in the BCM, is there anything else I need to activate before it'll work?
  4. Hi Guys and dolls. I've retrofitted my 2015 Focus with a rainsensor to get the auto light work and it does :-) Now I would like the auto wipers to work also but I need a different wiper switch/stalk with the (A) position on it! The problem is that I can't find the correct part no. anywhere 😞 It's a MK3.5 LH driven Focus, just if it makes a difference 😉