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  1. 2016 Red Edition - 27.5k done, 14k mine. All good.
  2. TomBoyNI

    MK8 Fiesta Security

    This looks like a great idea.
  3. TomBoyNI

    A/C comes on when starting engine

    Agreed. The qi k. Lear windscreen is amazing.
  4. TomBoyNI

    A/C comes on when starting engine

    This puzzled me at the start too but seems to be auto AC on when the pointed towards the windscreen. Anywhere else and it is at the last user setting.
  5. Thanks for that. That has put me on the path to finding this image. The part is labelled as HC2 and the part Number might be 1682433 but it isn't listed on any Ford sites that I can see so that may not be the right part Number. Thanks. You have helped me get a step closer :)
  6. TomBoyNI

    Minimum litre engine for motorways

    Thats a pretty perfect answer you know, I previously have driven a Prodrive Impreza, and since that 3 Smart Cars - all on the motorway. The Subaru would simply do anything you ask of it, the Smarts will happily cruise along the motorway but you have to be aware of their limitations. Any modern Ford will happily manage motorway miles and speeds.
  7. Hi there, Could any one please help me identify this part or a link to where to buy one please. (I have tried FordParts, eBay etc etc but can't ID it to buy one). It is the little clip that holds the weather seal of the door to the actual door, I broke one of the little tabs so now it is as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Thanks
  8. Got it sorted, as you say it is like a wrap sticker - thanks
  9. Thank you. Any idea of part Number or name?
  10. I was hoping someone could help me with this query please. I have a 2016 Fiesta Red Edition, today my other half opened the door and the wind caught it and it stuck off a barbed wire fence. The barbs cut into the outer door pillar trim and has left a nasty scratch in it. Just to be joyous it got the paint also lower down the door! So I need it fixed. The question I have is that a part? (I found part No. 147366 Ford Fiesta MK6 3 Door LH Outer Front Door Moulding - which looks similar.) However is it wrapped on the Red Edition or is that how the part is? I stopped at a Ford Garage and all new Fiestas seem to have this same matt finish, but to me it looks wrapped? And seems to have joins and seams with other parts of the door? Also given the fact that red is shining throughounderneath the scrape it made me think it was wrapped? If so can you buy the wrap? I have put a couple of pictures up and really appreciate any help at all
  11. TomBoyNI

    Black carpet on the dash.......anyone ?

    I'm sure that'd be fun as a dust catcher. You'd need to be a fan of vacuuming.
  12. TomBoyNI

    Halfords Installing a Dash Cam?

  13. My local Halfords has a good offer on at the moment of a NextBase 412 dash cam with a memory card and installation for £165, which seems alright to me seeing as the camera is £129, and the hardwire kit £20. My question is, has anyone used Halford's to install a dash cam and do they do a good job? Having only got the car I am a little adverse to someone pulling the trim off the thing and breaking something or doing an untidy job, or worse an untidy put back together? Cheers!
  14. TomBoyNI

    Regional Sections

    Is there any reason why there is no Northern Ireland Regional Section? Lack of numbers or something maybe?
  15. TomBoyNI


    Hello all, Just picked up a 2016 Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition last week. Haven't been behind the wheel of a Ford for almost 20 years, and it was a Ka back then. My days of modifying are long behind me, but it does seem a crackin car to drive, I think I will pop some wind deflectors on there, some sill guards and a footrest - maybe an 'S' badge on the front grill, and that'll be it.