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  1. Error E199

    The cable that connects to the sensor. Remove and clean the contacts with switch cleaner. Switch cleaner can be purchased from Maplins. Hope this is helpful.
  2. dim lights

    Probably need a new battery, have it checked out.
  3. I have had two Fiesta's with 1.25 engines, both started to lose oil via the valves seals after 55K miles. This is a well known problem on the earlier cars pre-2002. Has anyone experienced the same on fiesta 1.25 post-2002? Thanks in advance.
  4. Glove box light

    You will find that the glove box has a hole for the lamp switch holder. You just need to get the holder/Switch from the scrap yard and plug it. Then wire it into the fuse box appropriately. It's one of my tasks to do when I get the time!
  5. Cambelt gone??

    Does the engine turn over when you try to start the car?

    The 1.4 TDCi engine uses a paper type oil filter, you will not find a white canister type under the engine. You will see the oil filter holder at the front right hand side (looking at the car from the front) of the engine just under the air intake pipe. You will need an odd size socket (can't remember the size but I will check the size tomorrow for you) to remove the top to reveal the oil filter. Hope this helps.
  7. 2003 fiesta tdci

    I had a similiar problem but mine was intermittent. I cleaned the contacts on the temperature sensor and the connecting cable. That fixed the problem! If you check the error code you will be getting E199. Do a search for E199 for my previous post.
  8. Resetting the error code readout

    Thanks, I will try leaving for a bit longer and see what happens
  9. Does anybody know how to get rid of the error codes once the problem causing the error has been fixed? I have disconnected the battery and left it for 15 minutes before connecting it back but the error is still there before I even start the engine! Any ideas?
  10. Try resetting the ECU by pulling out the appropriate fuse. I don't know which one it is without looking it up in the manual.
  11. Air Conditioning

    Does it only leak when you have the air-con on?
  12. Error E199

    Update for all interested Code E199 is 'Erratic Temparature readings'. The problem was with the connector to the temperature sensor. A quick clean with switch cleaner has fixed the problem, well so far! The engine is now running smoother.
  13. Error E199

    Thanks for the information but this is the procedure I used and its the 10 item on the list which displays the error code. I suspect it relates to the engine temperature sender unit which is sending an intermittent signal. I am going to replace the sender unit and see if the error code disappears. I will post the results on here. Once again thanks for your help.
  14. Error E199

    This is the error code that is displayed on the LCD display when I switch it into diagnostic mode.
  15. Error E199

    Hi Does anyone know what DTC error code E199 means? Has anyone else had this and found the problem? Cheers