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  1. Headlight Connector

    can u recommend a company that sells them plz thanks andy
  2. Headlight Connector

    Hi all, the headlight has stopped working bulb is fine as is the fuse how do I go about sorting this??? the headlight connector has also broken , the clip that you press isn't there. its a 59, plate. any ideas where to get a replacement thanks andy
  3. hi all, have read that the dpf system is put on to meet the 2009 euro 5 emissions standards. so will models before this pass an MOT without it fitted. are there any problems associated with removing it. or just leaving it with a light on the dash. my days of wasting money changing cars every few years are gone, gonna keep em till they die from now on so warning light in dash i can live with. anyone know a site that lists cars without them fitted?? thanks
  4. Wheel Bearing Kit + Headache

    hi cant comment on your bearing prob. but had front bearing go on mine.mk2 06 plate. was told 145 for the bearing kit and 30 to fit it. turns out its comes as a new hub pretty much. bonkers if you ask me. if you dont do huge mile, what diff does it make?? andy
  5. Smoke

    since been told its a boost problem from what the fault code is saying . still not had chance to take to get it sorted. :-(
  6. Smoke

    thanks for that where did u find that. performance is fine tho. having the time to look at it is prob . will have to make some time doing my head in now
  7. Smoke

    hi all, had the cam belt changed on my 1.8 derv focus 2 months ago. recent weeks it has started to smoke badly. under hard acceleration it pushes out heavey black smoke? exhust is sooted up. my guess is over fueling am i on right track. is there any adjustment on feul pump?? your help is much appriciated andy
  8. Loss Of Power Turbo?

    hi sounds like you have same prob as myself. only thing that has been said on here so far is split intercooler pipe. please post what ever you find out thanks andy
  9. Desiel Loss Of Power??

    hi well i have checked the pipe work with no apparent splits the pipe from the bottom left of the cooler that goes over the top left of the engine (to turbo??? ) is coated in oil?? sure this cant be good???
  10. Desiel Loss Of Power??

    thanks for your replies. just posted problem again after not looking at this thread, oops. will have good look at pipe work 2moz. keith mine will rev as normal. andy
  11. hi all. got 1.8tdci focus on an 06 plate 93k. been great but has lost power. have changed air and fuel filters but has made no difference. splutters alot for a minute from cold but runs smooth after. will cruz along at 80 no probs until i come to a hill and the car just slows. then take ages to pick up speed again. has anyone got any ideas. please help andy
  12. hi all i have 06 plate 1.8 tdci. 96k on the clock. basicly has lost power rev's fine. drives ok but no go??? happend after over taking bit of smoke behind me but after slowing at a junction there was no power. its not smoking at all. any ideas could it be turbo( thought it would smoke with this??) thanks lugo
  13. 18 Tdci Noise??

    thanx for that
  14. 18 Tdci Noise??

    hi all. bit of a stab in the dark but never know. theres a noise on my 1.8 tdci focus. bit of a loud drone.builds up as i accelerate,worst at 55mph stops alittle after this. i have tried takin her out of gear at speed this makes no difference. as does engine speed. there is a very slight vibration with it but cant really track it down . would say its from the front of the car. there is no probs with the steering. handles ok to. have been told that an anti roll bar bush is slightly worn would this be the prob?? any help would be much apprieciated lugo