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  1. I thought this to be the case, but both the 12v sockets ( centre console / armrest ) in my '09 ZS stay live all the time. I've left things plugged in overnight though and had no battery issues.
  2. After hearing a loud knocking/clunking sound yesterday when we pulled away, albeit not every time, and looking under the bonnet today our engine appears to be angled backwards towards the firewall. I've had a quick google and the search threw up things like lower engine mount, so I'm not sure if I'm imaging it because of this Its hard to tell from these pics, but does this look right?
  3. Can you not use your phone as a personal hotspot?
  4. It's plug and play so simple to install and took about a minute once I'd taken the std head unit out. It comes with a CANbus box so the stalk controls work, you just need to reprogramme them which takes 2 mins with the on screen menu. The back of the unit is different because it has various inputs for DAB, sub, reversing camera, aux in and out, video in and out etc I bought the bog standard Xtrons without internet because I wouldn't have used it, but it still has DVD, sat nav, Bluetooth etc and works flawlessly with mine and my wife's IPhones running Amazon music. The money that I saved over the more expensive units was spent on the headrest DVD players for the kids. They are happy and with RCA extension cables hidden in the centre console I can control what they are watching from the head unit and still run sat nav whilst they enjoy stereo sound in the back for their film. To to be honest I was very nervous about buying an Xtrons because it's a 'cheap Chinese' unit, and did a lot of reading reviews etc for months before biting the bullet and buying one. I'm glad I did though, as we've got what I consider to be a top ICE system for very little money compared to some of the better known brands, but the only difference is that this one looks factory fitment rather than a replacement square double din unit and a squared off fascia.
  5. I've got an Xtrons, just the std head unit with internet. It's brilliant. Also bought the head rest DVD players for the kids in the back and they are run from the head unit too. All works and fits perfectly.
  6. Oops. I feel kinda guilty now as I pointed you in that direction, I didn't dream you'd have this sort of problem. Have you compared the dimensions of the Xtrons and the standard head unit to see how much it differs by?
  7. It shouldn't do, no. ISO wiring harness and CANbus box make it plug and play. I've installed the same thing in my Mk2.5, obviously it's a different shape but other than that it's identical. You have to reprogrammme the stalk controls to work with the unit but that takes 2 seconds to do, and you do it via a menu on the head unit. You can also reprogrammed the stalk controls to do other things, like answer phone calls etc if you want to. I'm very impressed with mine, you'd think it was a factory fit unit. Value for money is unreal and I don't think can be bettered.
  8. Any good? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/172263597367
  9. Is that 5 per Caliper Lenny? Surely Red adds 10?
  10. Have you had a look through the settings of the stereo at all? I have an aftermarket Xtrons head unit and within the factory settings menu I have an option to change it from right to left hand drive, so that it will recognise such warnings as door open etc etc
  11. The same heat shield has been hanging down underneath my ZS for a year now, I've just not got around to fixing it. It was an advisory on the MOT, I'll let the garage fix it when it goes in for its service in a couple of weeks. I have seen some people just cut up a Coke can, layer it and use that as an oversized washer.
  12. Welcome from another newbie. Lovely looking motor you've got there.
  13. Reverse camera installed this morning, with help from the guides from Lenny and I think Brigante.
  14. Morning people, I've been lurking in the shadows for a long time now but thought I should finally sign in and say hi. My wife and I have a 2009 Moondust Silver Focus Zetec S. It's only the 1.6 but we love it and it's plenty fast enough for what we want from it. Ive got to say some of the guides on here have been a real good read and have been really helpful. Thanks