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  1. Drive Train Warning

    Just a quick update on this, took it into the dealer today. Nothing showing in terms of the warning that came up, they have put it down to a "glitch" most likely caused by the battery being under charged, again they put this down to low miles and the fact it was sat for a while before I took delivery. We will see how it goes, fingers crossed.
  2. Drive Train Warning

    Hey all, So i'm 700 miles in and today got my first warning, fired up the car but it didn't start, pressed the button again and it fired into life but the drivetrain warning light came on. Drove a mile or so and when I returned to the car it started up first time with no warning. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it sound like a false alarm, just didn't fire up correctly first time round? Nothing showing on the dash now in terms of warning lights all appears normal and no noticeable issues when driving. Regards Rob
  3. Sport

    That is true from what I've also heard.
  4. One week in!!

    Hey Luke, So far so good, not found anything that I don't really like. Compared to the ST its a dream to drive in terms of comfort. Was a little worried about the power difference but to be honest its a different drive and so far i'm finding the power fine and with time the engine will loosen up aswell so the future is good.
  5. One week in!!

    Hey all, So I picked up my Edge last week and I'm really pleased with it, no complaints so far. Really happy with the Red, looks great and love the way it looks different in different light.
  6. Edge waiting time!

    Looks great Luke, enjoy!!
  7. Edge waiting time!

    Hey Luke great news, def get some pics up wanna see the Ruby Red!!
  8. Edge waiting time!

    Hey Simon, Thats great news, I wish I knew when mine was going to move from Zee. Get some pics up, something that is lacking loads on this forum is pics :)
  9. Edge waiting time!

    Update from dealer today, mines gone back a week. Was estimated to dealer April 1, now April 8. Still leaves time for April 15 pickup but getting close!!
  10. How do you wash yours?

    Considering a foam lance due to the size of the edge if nothing else! You got any pics of the car Jason? What level of detailing did you go for?
  11. Edge waiting time!

    I'm not in much of a rush, I'm out the country early April and didn't want a new car sat at the airport so they agreed to defer my pickup til mid April, works for me but I just wanted to get to see it in person before its taxed etc this week. Not the first time i've done this and trust my dealer so all good. That said can't wait to get it, had a Kuga ST Line X on order but they couldn't get the build date in time for the deals so cancelled and I went for the Edge :)
  12. Edge waiting time!

    Hi Luke Looking at the screen shot 22nd? I see you've gone for the Ruby aswell, nice choice :)
  13. Edge waiting time!

    When I confirmed my order the car was already sat in Zee, as of Friday it was still sat there 2 weeks later showing as compound in. Looks like we could all be waiting on the same shipment over to the UK.
  14. Service Interval

    Thanks Jon/Jim for confirming, thats made me even happier with the purchase, I do approx 18k a year, always bugged me the 12.5k miles, they came around too quick :)
  15. Service Interval

    Hi all, Is the service interval is 18k or 2 years? Be great if thats the case on the Edge.