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  1. Hi yes it's very firmly seated into the plug.....it comes on for about 3 mins then goes out even siting on the drive.....the main beam works ok though...I hate electrics as you never know what to do ....
  2. Hi simon i swapped the new LEDs and it's not the bulb... it just annoying that the one light works perfectly and the other one doesn't .... really can understand why previous posts say these bulbs work perfectly well both sides but this cat of mine doesnt joe
  3. Hi folks here’s an update on the led lights... as my previous post said I was having trouble with the DRL passengers side only ... took it to ford they reverted back to old candle bulbs and everything works fine. They have no idea why one side works and the other doesn’t as it’s not the bulb. So now I am stumped ... even ordered new led lights but same problem. Does anyone have any idea why or how I can fix it as ford say it’s not there problem as the factory fitted candles work fine .. well they come on !! thanks Joe
  4. Update with the rear pads and disc after the ford garage looked at them and said they need replacing they then said it wasn't covered by the warranty. The car only has 9K on the clock. I complained and insisted I spoke to the manager. After a 10 minute conversation they agreeded to replace then free. excellent result although scary they need changing after only 9k
  5. Hi folks my edge is 1 year old with 9k on the clock. On breaking from about +50mph and above the is a real grinding noise coming from the brakes. Took it in today and said read disc were knackered but pads were fine. Of course not covered by warranty so they are going to ask manager tomorrow if they can sort something out. Can't believe the car has only 9k on the clock and this happens. If I have a problem tomorrow any ideas on what to say/do ? thanks
  6. It's on sometimes then sometimes it does come on at all....I then have to turn the light dial fron auto back to beam the turn it back to auto then the DRL comes back on.....drives me crazy. It's not like I can take it back to ford because I am using led bulbs instead of the rubbish it should have installed
  7. I purchased the bulbs and all was going well. I noticed that one of the DRL turns off after a while. I have switched them around but it still happens, so it’s not the bulbs. If it not on I can turn the main beam on then turn it back to auto and the DRL turns back on. Anyone have any ideas please ?
  8. A strange thing, or I think it's strange is happening to my lights. My side lights are on all the time which is fine but if I put my indicators on to turn left soon as it flashes the left side light goes off until the indicator is turned off then the side light comes back on . The same thing happens the the right side too. I assume this isn't correct ?
  9. Yes mine is a manual ....does anyone else have a manual with the same lights as me ?
  10. Thanks. My e-handbreak has to on for them to work....very strange indeed..
  11. Gents can someone please confirm that the electric handbreak has to be on for the edge light on the door sill and the puddle light to come on. I am sure before they did the curtain recall I didn't have to ensure the handbreak was on for them to work . thanks Joe
  12. So guys in layman terms is my edge going to burn lol
  13. Hi I have replaced the DRL lights and they work fine.....I wish I could find a bulb to replace the outside lights...any ideas ?
  14. I had mine done last month and it went very well. However the sill light saying edge only now lights up when the hand brake is on, I don't remember it doing that before ....
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