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  1. hi you have helped me in the past 😀Could you please help me again . I have changed my focus mk3 for a transit connect 2016 i have changed my cluster with help from this forum to the larger tft I just need to change the milage upwards on the replacement cluster (add 39000 miles). Daft question can I use your modified focus software to do this ?


    thanks in advance 



  2. sync 2 all sorted it was number 5 .....front rear PDC/SAPP (EU-HMI) cheers again Luke 🤝
  3. ok will have a play around on monday and get back to you cheers luke 👍🏻😀
  4. 2013 pre face lift . not sure which you mean with park asisit or active park asist ?
  5. I have changed this in Forscan and the parking display works 😀 but the park assist doesn't 😕
  6. right got it all sorted now 😁 now left with a engine management light on 😭
  7. just to be sure I am doin this right I plug the usb in the laptop then into the car and then run the software
  8. cheers Luke 👍 park pilot sorted 👍 can't get passed the "can't init elm" in focccus ? any ideas Luke ?
  9. 👏Right chaps all fitted and 90% working 😀. thanks to Luke and Phil just a few things to clear up I don't see park pilot on the screen but can hear it beeping . can this be done in forscan ? bluetooth connects to iPhone plays music 👍but ..............................but can't hear any calls 🙄 any help would be brilliant thanks
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