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  1. Hi all, Had a problem with the truck last night, cruising at 70 and got a sudden bang followed by vibration and knocking, gets worse with increase in speed. Found that a part of the rear diff, prob shaft had become detached where the shaft joins the diff, looks like it's some kind of balance weight. It was quite badly damaged and once removed problem appears solved. Anybody know what it's for? I'm just assuming it's a balance weight of some kind but I'm confused to how it does that. Attached are some pics of where it was fitted, any ideas? You can see the outline around the prop shaft where it was fitted.
  2. Just an update. Found the issue, was the connection to the temp sensor not making correctly, a little fettle and gauge is now sorted.
  3. Hi All, Picked up my new truck, well 2005 but new to me. very happy with it, have had it loaded up twice with no bother. Just got to get the wheels re sprayed as the last guy thought matching blue wheels would look good! Not convinced so they are going back to standard. Have got 1 issue though, noticed today that the temp gauge seems to do its own thing. Sits at cold without budging then all of a sudden will shoot up to half way. Then when I pull away from the lights it shoots back down to cold until I back off the throttle then it hunts around between cold and halfway. Any clues?
  4. Is this what your after?
  5. Just a quick post to say hi, I pick up a 2005 Ranger tommorow, it'll be my first Ford too!! To be honest I wasn't even looking at the Ranger as I'd heard bad things from a friend with a new one. I'd been looking at Navaras, but since the news about them snapping in half I took a look at some Rangers and went for it................................ Want to spend some time trawling over previous posts to see what you guys have to say about problems, spares and accessories. Thanks Steve