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  1. 1.0 Ecoboost

    I've got the 1l 125 (2013) and get 45ish-mpg on motorway run doing @ around 80mph. When only used by my wife for a few weeks of commuting round town its about 36-38mpg
  2. Expansion tank/resevoir

    Thanks JW. Yes, we've only got 23k on the clock so I was surprised how quickly its deteriorated.
  3. My ZS - Weatherstrips

    I had this exact problem. I used a couple glues and none worked long term, I eventually used Gorilla Glue and it's now held for over 6 months, tip is to not stretch the strip either, you'll have a 4-5cm gap but that shouldn't cause any problems.
  4. Expansion tank/resevoir

    Hello I had the degas hose on my 2013 Ford Focus 1.0 Ecoboost replaced in March this year as it split. I noticed the other week that the expansion tank has a very small crack that is dripping fluid at a very slow rate. Does anybody know the part number for the expansion tank? I bought the car second hand in '14 and had it serviced with Ford in '15, then serviced independantly in '16 & 17 so doubt Ford will replace the tank for free. I'm also assuming replacing the tank is straight forward job I can do myself. Thanks in advance
  5. Leaking De-gas hose

    I spoke to the dealership today and they said they wouldnt give me the part as self fitting would void the warranty of the part, so I've arranged for it to be towed. I just did a last check to see if it was still dripping and have noticed the coolant expansion tank is also leaking from what feels like a very small crack underneath. I know you mentioned this being a possibility above, I'll raise it with the dealership and see if they will also replace for free that as its obviously connected.
  6. Leaking De-gas hose

    Thanks all. I'll call the dealership tomorrow and ask if I can pick up the hose or arrange some sort of towing to get it there.
  7. Leaking De-gas hose

    Would the dealership allow me to take the hose and fit myself or would they claim that voids any work in future? Otherwise, where would you recommend for ordering the parts?
  8. Leaking De-gas hose

    I bought it 1 year old (13 plate) from a Ford dealership in 2014. I went for a service there in 2015 and nothing was mentioned. Since then I've taken it to a local garage as our local ford garage has crap customer service. I did think about replacing those hose myself for the rubber version and using clips to secure it as the existing is heat pressed. Where is best for purchasing the hose spare and what size is needed?
  9. Leaking De-gas hose

    I noticed a leak on one of my coolant hoses this weekend, having done some research online I discovered the problem is with the De-gas hose and a known issue with 1.0L ecoboosts. I called up Ford who confirmed there is a recall on my car and its been booked in for Wednesday. Can anybody advise if theres a way to patch the small crack on the hose so I can drive it to the dealership 4 miles away? I tried electrical tape but this came off under the temperature of the leaking coolant. Thanks