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  1. Anyone know how to get this bulb out? Fiddled with it the other day and couldn't get it to pull out? Wasn't being too brutal with it as didn't want to break it but do have a halogen set to put it so need it out, any help would be appreciated.
  2. Brought this kit and the only bulb I couldn't change was the full beam as couldn't get the old bulb to pull out, got it out of the light but couldn't get it out of the thing it's it, cheers.
  3. Thanks mate, get these on order along with gel overlays when I get paid😀
  4. My guess would be buy the pinstripe tape and then run it up the bottom of the wind deflectors. @Danny|92 is that right?
  5. Another quick question sorry but is the premium worth the extra money or does it do pretty much the same job as the normal full kit?
  6. Cheers mate, great help! Hope you don't mind but I think if I need advice or ideas in the future I'll come to you.
  7. Oh right ok. Just because I said about it to a friend who said that he believed it to be illegal?
  8. Awesome mate thanks, great help. Would be a little bit lost on some things without this forum I think😂 If I change the indicator bulbs will they still be tango? Don't wanna de tango the bulbs really.
  9. Awesome thanks mate! Presume the full upgrade kit is the easiest way to go about it? Just out of interest as couldn't see on there but what's the difference between the normal upgrade kit and the premium one?
  10. Yeah I saw about the metal ones on your thread so I ordered plastic! Could've been bad if we hadn't of found out.
  11. I'll have a look, I briefly flicked through it when I first joined here, if I remember correctly he changed the bulbs on his, will see if I can find on there which bulbs he switched them all too! Finally managed to have someone at home today so my wind deflectors could be signed for so got them on now! S badges and dust caps in the post as well.
  12. Hour and a half from me so not to bad, may make an apperence! Know anyone else on here that's got a black edition that's done mods to there's?
  13. @Lewie226 are you on about the door sills?
  14. Let me know when they're on. I've been thinking about getting door sills for mine but I've been tempted by the light up ones as they are cool I think😂
  15. Im not sure about that, looks to thick compared to the other red detailing on the car, may have a shop around and see if I can get a thin strip sprayed on. Where abouts was the meet you went to? Although I think if you did get yours wrapped it would look better because obviously your cars red.