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  1. How low do you go before refuelling?

    I tend to fill up at the weekend with 20-30L depending which office I'll be in for the week. Occasionally it gets to the red but only if I've had to travel further than planned. Me to. Also makes for a quicker get away. ;-)
  2. Retrofit auto lights on a 2015 Ford Focus

    I got one of these last month and it was just plug in and go. https://tinyurl.com/ycubkl89
  3. Focccus guide required

    Push the start button without putting your foot on the clutch. The car (lights/radio etc...) will switch on but not the engine.
  4. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    I'm planning to take the bumper off again next week and install parking sensors. I'll have a look again then. :-)
  5. Boot Badge

    I noticed mine has really deteriorated in the last few months and was thinking of getting one of these from eBay.
  6. OBD Readers

    Same here. I was able to connect with the software that came with the OBD reader but I could not connect with Focccus or Forscan.
  7. Retrofitting original Cruise Control on a Focus MK3

    I went for the easy route of a new steering wheel (£40 on eBay) and it works great. Thanks for the walkthrough on setting up using Focccus.
  8. OBD Readers

    I got a cheap Bluetooth one from Amazon and it was rubbish. I got this one from eBay k_j_jacobs mentioned and it works a treat with Focccus & Forscan. I've activated Cruise Control, Hill Assist & DDS since getting this the other week.
  9. Footwell lights, what colour?

    Hi, I've just done my Zetec S and went with blue to match the dash lighting like most others seem to have done. I couldn't find any connections under my dash so spliced into the wire that feeds the rear overhead light.
  10. What Are These Sensors On The Windscreen?

    So that's how my Google knows when to colour the road on maps red or green. I saw these the other day on my own car and thought it might have been a light or rain sensor but I guess not.
  11. Parking Sensor Loom?

    Hi Captain Haddock, Thanks for the detailed response. Yes, this was underneath the O/S/R of the car (had the bumper off sealing the vents too:-)). I was hoping if it was this I would be able to get a second hand loom & sensors and just plug and play (with some hole drilling and wire sticking). I've installed a similar kit to yours on my wifes Kia Picanto a few years ago and have been thinking of buying one for my car but would prefer if the was part of radio display as you describe above. I'll have a think and keep looking. If I do get another kit I think I might splash out on front sensors to.
  12. Parking Sensor Loom?

    Hi all, I've been doing some work on my car and found this wiring underneath the rear of the car. I don't currently have parking sensors but was wondering if this is part of the wiring for them. If so, can I just buy a set of sensors/loom and attach it to this socket? Or do I need to do anything else?
  13. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Well, today I managed to do it, definitely the source of the leak. It's not the tidiest looking but I went for a little overkill with the sealant just to make sure. The most difficult bit was trying to undo the scrivets on the underside of the bumper. Managed to put it all back together but I forgot to put the rubber grommits back in before sealing the vents back on. At least if my patch doesn't work the water will drain away. :-) Unfortunately I found that the heat shield by the exhaust had pretty much come away. Three of the bolts are missing and the shield has corroded around the fourth. I've managed to secure it for now but need to get some more nuts and washers. Does anyone know the correct size they are?
  14. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Thanks Wes180. I found a leak in my car last month and it's been doing my head in ever since. It's also taken me this long to find your post. I now know what I'll be doing on my next day off. :-)