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  1. No I posted the pics of the rings. They are 1mm over (27mm) at the vertical position, across they are ok. That is why they were so hard to fit. I am really disappointed with bosch. What should have been an hour and a half job was a 3hr frustrating job. And being Bosch and costing 150eur I did not een think that they might be off size so I did not check them. I did last night though on the spare rings that I have left and there is the result.
  2. would you believe this from a 150eur worth of kit from Bosch?
  3. Your car needs a wash lol. Joking apart where could I have gone wrong? I drilled in the place marked with a square and a cross in its centre. You remember if you placed the thing at the back with those white serrated arms that you press facing upwards or downwards? Although I dont think they make a difference. Yours are perfectly flush
  4. Can you please be so kind to post a pic of the end sensor from the top, looking down at it at close range pleaseeee.
  5. Also the end sensors, the ones that I had to colour left a little gap (1mm or so) at the top. They didn't seat completely flush. Did yours sealed completely flush ? lollapalooza or not? I really don't wish to take the bumper off again. Also the angle and position of these sensors at the end are somewhat off Bosch's table they are at 380mm height and 102 degrees. So I had to use the 0263006102 rings which are the most tilted ones for the ends. Did you use these as well lollapalooza?
  6. I fitted them Bosch sensors finally. And it was a real real real pain in the ***** to fit those quarter turn things at the back that hold the spacer in place and that the sensor slides into them. They were frustratingly difficult to fix I am really disappointed with Bosch (expensive product) for this. I drilled the exact size of 26mm (measured even with a verneer caliper and it was a clean cut so there is no excuse about that. I do not know how I did not break all 4 of them. It was a real struggle. Thing That I noted is that they start beeping at a very close range Is there any way that I can increase a bit their sensitivity? I doubt it.
  7. I did not remove . how did you manage? you removed something else first because I can gain acess to only 1 screw and it remains in place/
  8. Could be they changed because mine is from last year (they have a big grille in front). The piece is this
  9. Another thing did you get to remove that piece where the parcel shelf hinges and rest upon to remove the side upholstery completely? I find it difficult to remove
  10. And the bosch harness passes from there? I think I removed and fitted this area and bumper 12 times, first with electromagnetic (tape without holes) sensor did not work, then with china kit with flush sensors (that's why I bought it) picks up false alarms, then made spacers to correct angles of sensors which I did, I angled them 15degrees up but still false alarms. So you get my point that all I wish for now is to fit once and for all. and it was almost small to pass 4 cables of the Chinese sensors which plugs seem much smaller than bosch's
  11. No on mine (2016 model) you do not have to remove the wheel, just pill the side upholstery a bit. then from the hole it goes down through a channel and comes out near to where is the plug of the rear fog lamps (the red ones underneath which the parking sensor is to be fitted. However I think that hole is too small for the bosch harness. or is it not?
  12. I found a picture that you posted after I posted the question. Is this from where you passed the cable please? This seem like the point from where I passed mine (not under the spare wheel)
  13. I fitted a China kit in the place where the sensors are supposed to be (marks moulded in the innerside of bumper by 4 x squares with a cross in them) however they were not working well and after I have even tried with the electromagnetic (aluminium tape, non drill type) I decided to go for something which is rather expensive but has been proved to work by Mr Loolapooza here, the URF 7. What I wish to ask you Loolapooza is from where did you pass exactly the sensors harness cable, the chinese ones I passed the cables through a channel at the bottom of the luggage boot which has a grommet inside the luggage boot, but from the pics of the URF7 (I still have not received it yet) the harness and plugs seem too big to pass from there and I do not wish to drill new holes or enlarge existing ones. Is there another grommet by any chance? I know that there is one from where the cable for the reflector in the bumper is. btw I am talking about the driver's side of the luggage boot on a right hand drive car (same as UK). Can someone Lollappoza has been through this before me please give some advice?