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  1. Minimum litre engine for motorways

    I do about 700 miles a weekend in my 1.0L ecoboost, the 123bhp one and its more than capable, i do Portsmouth to Liverpool on half a tank and thats without driving that economical really. the 1.0L's are a surprising little engine. It handles overtaking nicely aswell.
  2. Revo stage 1 remap, 125ps ecoboost

    It would cost me about 2 and a half, 3 grand to jump to an st I would like or 400 quid for the remap
  3. Has anyone on here had the revo stage 1 remap, on a stock 125ps ecoboost? I'm wondering how well the car handles the extra power without having any hardware upgrades. Cheers.
  4. Lowering springs for a mk7.5 titanium

    Yeah I do like the gap on yours, suits it so much better, cheers for the help, something for me to think about at least!
  5. Lowering springs for a mk7.5 titanium

    So I couldn't go into ford and get the zetec s springs? Or does the zetec s use different suspension compared to the titanium? I did read somewhere that ford use eibach as aftermarket springs.
  6. Lowering springs for a mk7.5 titanium

    I was thinking something like the eibach 30mm springs as they're 164 quid. Wasn't planning on a full suspension swap just to lower mine slightly to make it look nicer as it sits quite high around the wheels.
  7. Hi All, First post so go easy! I'm looking at maybe lowering my 2014 Fiesta titanium. I don't want anything too agressive Just want to close the gap above the wheels a bit. I really like the stance on the zetec S so would like to get it to something like that. I don't want to go too low as all around my area are speed bumps and some of them are pretty nasty. I was wondering if anyone knows how much lower the zetec S is compared to the Titanium and what sort of options there are. Could I go to a ford dealers and ask for them to fit zetec S springs on it instead? Or do Eibach do some which would give me the look i'm after? Cheers for any help.
  8. My New Fiesta Titanium

    When the start/stop is working, and you take it out of gear and take your foot off the clutch, you should see a little green A with a circle around it appear in between the speed and rev dial, thats how you know its turned off with the start/stop. Its also dependant on if you have the air con and things on as sometimes it won't turn off it something needs the engine running.