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  1. I myself actually have a MK6 tdci diesel as my daily. Well...until I wrote it off. So i'm on the look out for another one. 55mpg and a nice car to drive
  2. Couple more things done to increase power and colour match the exterior. That's about it. Potentially selling to fund a house 😕
  3. I am going to be moving the build to Instagram for ease of use, and also to continue with my S15 Silvia build. This will be updated daily and can be followed at 'superchargedmk7fez' I would much appreciate a follow. Thanks all
  4. Drop me a PM and I'll sort out a price. Be around £1200 i imagine
  5. Well a mate of mine is currently selling his supercharger kit and honestly. Smashing cars with 200bhp in a car they expect to have about 120bhp is the best thing ever. I would recommend an ST swap though.
  6. Thanks mate. Charger was second hand off eBay, originally direct from Komotec in Germany. They supply the kit to OC
  7. Top tray and fascia is now up for sale from the person I sold it too if anyone is interested. It cost me around £250 all in but he isn't wanting that much.
  8. I bought them ages ago from DMB, but there is a guy on Facebook selling them I believe. Mark Steele his name is. His profile pic is Liverpool FC badge
  9. Nah mate, originally 130bhp 1.6 N/A zetec S. ST was only available in the facelifted style from like 2013
  10. Mine is a zetec S not an ST by the way. Got about 20mpg
  11. Tbh I never managed to time a good 0-60 with mine. Standard mine was 8.7 or something like that. I would imagine low 6 with a good launch.
  12. Little run against an EP3. Some traction issues in second gear over the bump.
  13. You'll need bigger injectors, front mount cooler and relevant hoses, hybrid turbo as above, clutch and remap. Is it a mk7?
  14. Thanks dude. Yeah I have seen the RS style bumpers but the fibreglass is pretty poor from what's I've seen and they chip very easily. There are also very few mountune front splitters in the UK, I've only ever seen 3 including mine.
  15. A picture from santapod, after getting a stick on number plate.