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  1. MK6 Fiesta puma conversion

    What a mismatch of parts! Look forward to what you do with it.
  2. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Front end off to fit the methanol kit Running the wiring, engine bay very much function over form at the moment Pump mounted onto crash bar just above foglight, earthed to the horn earthing point. Switch mounted and vacuum lines connected up, switch currently set at 2psi, so very low! And finally a quick wash in preparation for a cars and coffee meet at Chester castle with my mate and his 350z.
  3. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Bought a little immature sticker for the sunvisor Also got a parking ticket for this excellent parking from myself to stop any damage, for apparantly taking up another space...it was overturned. I also picked up a water methanol kit, second hand but unused so saved a bit of cash there.
  4. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    I got it from eBay. Mk7 fiesta double din fascia. Everything has to be changed in order to fit it.
  5. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Insurance isn't too bad. Visual mods don't affect the policy with mine. And they know I've uprated the brakes etc, so it's not really changed. Might be just because I've also gotten older and more NCB.
  6. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Also picked up a zunsport grill, second hand again. Helps with the airflow. Normally it's hard to pull of a zunsport on the prefacelift because it's just crash bar behind. With the intercooler and oil cooler it looks better! Some picture from a car meet up the horseshoe pass Picked up a very rare Mountune MR155 front apron which was a pain to bond on. A bit different to the usual TRC splitters Grey overlays to match the wheels
  7. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Right back to it! Finally fitted the Aerial to the headunit so I can have the radio in the car. Also fitted the hazard switch after losing the first one I bought Also picked up some Boomba spoiler raisers, very marmite to begin with but after a while I really liked them, help make the rear more aggressive. Without spoiler XD haha And with raisers
  8. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Had the car serviced and on the dyno at Zi Motorsport in Wrexham. Very please with the results! The car made it's standard power at 4000. With max power at 215bhp so very pleased. Still, room for improvement.
  9. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Time for a bit more stopping power. 300mm focus ST170 discs with mondeo calipers, brembo pads and brackets. I got these second hand off the forum for £170, and the seller then bought me new discs (old ones in first pic). I sold the clear HEL lines and got some yellow ones to match the calipers I painted. Snapped the bolt trying to get braided line out of the caliper so had to get the blow torch on it and molegrips. Old disc compared to new Dyno run up next!
  10. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Some stupid women decided she couldn't parralel park and scraped down side of my car then denied it. Police useless so had to pay out my own pocket. £100 and also got car machine polished.
  11. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Yeah it's such a nicer place to be with the black.
  12. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Picked up an ST headlining from Birmingham along with the trims which I'd had sitting around for a few months. Quite easy to install took about 45 mins maybe, and looks 10x better than the grey. Sorry some pics are a bit poor.
  13. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Hi mate, the oil cooler is only for the supercharger to cool the traction oil.
  14. Supercharged Ford Fiesta MK7

    Right so having some troubles with the extra boost, there was a bit of surge before removing the air restrictor but now it's causing the charger to stall. Yes it makes a cool chatter noise but it's not good for the charger, and I don't think i'll be lucky enough to get another one one warranty. Rang up TTS who are the UK Rotrex dealers and they were very helpful, advised to fit a BOV. Popped down to demon tweeks, picked up a Forge valve, vacuum piping and a T-piece. Also bought a larger filter from Ram Air. I tapped into the fuel vapour recirc before the one way valve, it was a bit of a pain but a hot brew softened the pipe which is plastic. It's not the tidiest, I will tidy it up at some point when I have the time, I did buy some yellow hose wrap from Demon Tweeks but it's quite difficult to use.