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  1. It's not coming off the road. When it's rained and I squeeze the front of the cowl panel and cowl panel cover together where they are clipped, water oozes out from between the two. I have removed a couple of the clips enough to see between the panel and cover and there appears to be a narrow sponge gasket between the two, which I presume might have perished. Local Ford dealer says he thinks sponge strip comes as part of the panel cover at £62 and I might need another panel at £70+. I havn't got cover so I am going to dry it out when rain stops and thinking of applying a thin layer of silicone sealant.
  2. I have water leaking into the cam cover trough around the spark plugs when it rains. I have fitted and sealed around new screen washer jets but leak persists. Water seems to be oozing from between the top and bottom plenum panels after rain. Any advice please?
  3. I am attempting to change one of the reversing light bulbs on my 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. On following the instructions in the Haynes Manual I got as far as attempting to unscrew the inner plastic Wing Nut in order to remove the light fitting and I just can't get my hand in the gap sufficiently enough to undo it. It seems a ridiculous system to me, but has anyone found a way of getting a good grip on this nut to remove it and also get it back tightly?
  4. I've been to my local garage this morning and the mechanic tested the system by putting some dark blue liqiud into a two part glass tube with a rubber squeezer globe on the top. He put this into the header tank and kept squeezing and releasing the bulb and air bubbles were going up into the glass tubes each time. He then did the same after he had run the engine for a couple of minutes on higher revs. He then compared the colour of the liquid in the tubes with the original dark blue colour in it's bottle and it had become more of a dark green, which he said indicated a little gas getting into the cooling system and likely a small head gasket leak. I am to monitor the coolant level closely and if it continues to lose water I will need a new head gasket, but if it doesn't lose any more it should not damage the engine. Could the fact that the header tank cap had not been screwed on properly have caused the original huge water loss? Is there any way of fitting a temperature gauge to these models?
  5. Ther was a knocking noise intermitantly coming from the engine and when I stopped and checked the engine was very hot and the fan was running although I had only been travelling at low speed for about 4 miles. I saw that there was no water showing in the resevoir and the top was askew and not srewed down properly. I let the engine cool for an hour and then refilled with water which took about 4 pints. The engine started ok and then i drove gently for a mile and stopped to check the level and had to add a little more. I repeated this procedure another 3 times in the 3 miles it took me to get home and I estimate I added about another1 pint. The engine seemed to run fine with no noises. The car is now parked for the night. Any ideas what might have happened, what damage might have been caused and what I should do or avoid doing now please?
  6. I have just bought a low mileage 2011 Fiesta 1.4 Zetec. Although the car has been very well maintained there is some accumulated dry mud around the wheel arches and edges. My intention is to hose the mud off, but if I do so is there any danger of my doing damage or water being forced inside the car, and if so are there any particular precautions to take. Would it be better done with the inner wheel arches removed,and if so is this easy to do and is there anything to be be particularly careful of? This is my first visit to the Forum and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Fiesta 35