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  1. Not good the, the government are stupid they was telling every one to buy diesel cars a few year back now they want us to get rid of them
  2. Thanks mate he had me worrying then haa So does that mean conjestion charges
  3. Thanks for clearing that up much apprichiated Oh great!
  4. My profile says I have a ford fiesta zetec tbis needs changing I just haven't got round to doing It yet. I now have a Ford fiesta titanium 1.6tdci on a 59 plate and am wondering if it has a DPF filter? I don't really do much motorway driving but I do use my car alot, and just need to know weather it has a DPF filter or not, as if it does I know I'll have to take it for a decent motorway driver once every few weeks to clear the filter, I've done some research on the net and I'm under the impression pre March 2010 1.6 diesel fiestas don't have a DPF (90PS) but any after March 2010 (95PS) does have a DPF, mines on a 59 plate and is 90ps, can some one please confirm for me please ?
  5. Thanks mate. I have held a rag over the end and it pisses out of the hole when I do so, having said that the car has been sat for a very long time (as it's been bought from salvage) but I presume there is a lot of condensation still in there, so right now I'm not exactly sure how much water is in there, it's not noticeable after the engine has been running for say 10 mins then there is no dripping at all, the hole is on the back box on the side part towards the engine, so not underneath but on the side that's towards the engine, haven't seen it yet or been able to feel it as the weather been abit crap but I'll try get a few pictures and post them on here tomorrow, thanks bud
  6. Can some one send me a link to a back box please preferably from eBay
  7. I have a Fiesta Zetec 09 1.4 with exactly the same issue, apart from my cable doesn't sit tight in the aux port, it sits loose, so I'm assuming it has worn away on the inside, could be a common fault, priced up the aux port and USB on eBay found one for £30, hop this helps.
  8. This is my first car I got insured on it last week but not driving yet due to need mot and tax which is getting sorted next week, I've noticed upon checking previous MOT history that the car had a advisory for a small hole in the back box, with me buying the car from salvage and having to pay for the repairs car insurance and mot and tax I'm not sure if I can afford a back box till I get paid at the end of the month, but the car is in for MOT next week, will it pass as it is ? Or will I need to replace the back box if so can some one link me to the right one for my car please Ford Fiesta Zetec 09 (new shape), also if there is a temporary fix I would be able to do until I get a new back box could any one please let me know? Much appreciated Jordan.
  9. Is this easy to do or am I better off getting a mechanic to have a look at it for me ?
  10. No worries I won't bother then thanks for the heads up, worth an ask
  11. Tried the headphones of my phone, it's just real loose mate
  12. First off, is their any point in re mapping? I have a Ford Fiesta Zetec 2009 model 3Dr hatchback, just curious to know weather there would be any point in re mapping my car would I get any benefits from doing this if I was to, if not I won't bother my car is the 1.4 petrol 98Bh( I think ) any help or advice on this would be Appreciated as this is my first car and I don't really know much about them yet. thanks
  13. Take a look at the picture that I added .......
  14. Added a picture to the post, can some one please check it out and let me know if I have got AUX or not please.