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  1. Titanium X Sport 240 Stalling

    Update... So the cars has been in the garage since the 21st of September!! After diagnosing the issue as the low pressure fuel pump... the one in the tank - replaced to the tune of £700. I had asked them to look at the sensor, but was assured that was fine and this was the problem. 2 days later, same issues - took it back in, phonecall the next day and low and behold... It turns out it was the fuel pressure sensor! I was told it would be in the next day, or the following Monday, which would have been 25th september. Anyway, chased and chased each day for approx 1 week, kept being told next day, next day. Phonecall from service manager apologising, informing me that unfortunately FORD have to BUILD the part first in Germany and then send it, should be arriving 24th october - yesterday. phonecall last Thursday to say the item hadn't shipped and now was delayed until 7th November! To say I'm not happy is an understatement!! Will update when i get the car back, at this rate, it will have been in the garage longer than i would have owned it! O well... think of the fuel I've saved!
  2. Titanium X Sport 240 Stalling

    Hi. Well i picked it up from the garage as they could not find a fault, low and behold on the way home... stalled. Turned around and took it straight back, where it continued to play up all the way there. Chap from the garage came out and it did everything it has been doing to me... to him. He plugged it in and had it in the garage for about an hour. Garage reckon it’s one of the fuel pumps. They feel that as the fault code is low fuel pressure, then chances are it will be the rear fuel pump which is in the fuel tank. They need to strip down the fuel tank and get the pump out for the cost of 700. Or it could be the front pump (high pressure) which will be an additional 350. They seem fairly confident it’s the low pressure one. However reading on a few forums, this problem seems quite rare but people who have had it, have gone through all the trouble of changing fuel pumps etc to great cost only to find the issues still present and it was the result of a faulty fuel pressure sensor in the engine bay. I’m going to ask if they would change that first as it appears to be a cheap part before we start shelling out £££’s! Has anyone come across this before? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Evening all! just trying to get some advice on an intermittent fault please... 2.0 petrol titanium x sport powershift 12 plate. approx 3 weeks ago the car cut out, exactly like stalling a manual, started up no problems but would keep stalling. Plenty of fuel in the car and it’s an auto so not driver error! Called out the aa. They diagnosed low fuel pressure, took it to a local garage, they had it all day and the next day, couldn’t find any faults, nothing wrong. Picked it up drove it home, no worries. Started up the next day, no problems, loaded up the car to drive to France with the family... stalled. Started up again and was fine all the way to Dover. Drove around France for 1500 miles no issues. Got home and it died, wouldn’t restart either, just stuck on turn over. Also wouldn’t rev past 3000rpm when in neutral. Called out AA same diagnosis, took it Keith motors, ford dealers near me. They had it all day, surprise surprise, no issues! Has anybody come access this issues with theirs or know of anyone? It only happens as sub 30mph and doesn’t make a difference if it’s semi auto, auto or sport. Cheers guys. Any help is appreciated and sorry for the essay! These are the fault codes on the reader from the AA.
  4. Can someone identify this hose please.

    Ah ok. Well it hasn't come off again, and it turns out the car went through a car wash whilst this hose was off, and unfortunately the water got in through the gap! Bit of an unfortunate life lesson there, not to be repeated.
  5. Hi all. I have the annoying wet floor issue as of yesterday! Soaking wet drivers, passenger and rear passenger (driver side). Had a look around under the dash, took off the small piece of trim on the bottom of the centre console and couldn't see anything... not sure what I would have been looking for to be honest though. Looked in the engine bay and found this hose completely off. Not sure how long it has been like it but topped up with with screen wash recently and not noticed it. So maybe a week? Could someone tell me what hose it is please? Could it be the issue of the wet floor? Car is going to the garage this week for them to look at. Cheers guys! O it's a 2012 mondeo ecoboost.
  6. Hello

    Couple of pics from the garage... will have more when I pick it up!
  7. Hello

    Hi there. Been the owner of various Fords for the past 10-12 years, favourite being an ST220 Saloon which I begrudgingly sold due to having a son. Thankfully the missus had a change of heart... picking up my (hopefully new favourite!) 12 plate Titanium X Sport estate 2.0 ecoboost! 😎😎 Anyhoo... used this forum loads in the past for guides... solutions and general browsing so thanks to all who are involved in this!! Ill post pictures up soon hopefully. Anthony.