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  1. So was quite upset to get this from Triple R: "The low line kit will only be suitable if you have the Zetec S body kit on your car. " I've only the Zetec, so what are my options? Get it lowered? already had it tinted and remapped. Also, does the Zetetc S honeycomb grill fit the zetec? how about spoiler or anythint from the ST?
  2. Is it worth going for something like this: http://www.triplercomposites.com/product/low-line-kit-ford-fiesta-mk7-5-zetec-s-st-line/ or will this fit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-FIESTA-ZETEC-S-RED-EDITION-MK9-GENUINE-FRONT-BUMPER-/272630749228?hash=item3f7a0f182c:g:5CAAAOSw3utY8JqM and these for alloy choices: https://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/ford/fiesta/mk7/16-inch
  3. Thanks for the answers, In relation to 3 (grill) and 4 (splitter). 3. Will I have to replace both the grill and bumper separately then, maybe gettingthe grill first then bumper after or can I get the whole st grill/front bumper as a package? 4. If I'm getting it lowered is there no point getting splitters as well then? My point is can I get it lowered AND splitters or will that bring it too close to the ground? Also, what mods have you got or plan on getting?
  4. So, my car: Fiesta 2014 1.0L EcoBoost 100PS, Race Red VIN Number: WF0CXXGAKCEY21421Registration Number: GJ14YRX My questions: 1) Does that make my car Mk 7 or Mk 7.5 and is that simply the difference between the Zetec and Zetec S (How are these different, I know the ST is in its own league) 2) I'm after getting the ST look plus more. Currently have had an engine remap from 98 to 160bhp courtesy of Celtic Tuning. Do I need an induction kit and/or can it get any faster? 3) Anyone got a HoneyCoombe Grill/ST Spoiler/Splitters/Deflectors/ST Seats they're selling or can they put me to the best place to get them as ebay not coming up gold. Bascially, anything ST related. 4) Thinking of getting the Lowing Suspension kit by Eibach from pumaspeed but can I lower the car with splitters too? 5) Can I put 16" alloys on when I've 15" alloys as standard and is wheelbase a good place to shop? Honestly, the amount of money I'm about to spend to get my ecoboost 1.0 to just look like the ST, I might as well have got the ST. Answers to above appreciated plus any other recommendations/advice/warnings!
  5. What are you saying? You have the honeycombe front grill you want to get rid of? I've a Fiesta 2012-, 1.0L EcoBoost 100PS, Race Red VIN Number: WF0CXXGAKCEY21421Registration Number: GJ14YRX And looking for anything ST Related....
  6. I'm in the exact same boat mate..there are a few threads about it though if you seach..seems to be about 180 quid for the whole package...depends if you want black or just black and red...its the st seats and spoiler im having trouble finding! (ive got ecoboost 1.0 zetec...remapped to 160 but wish so much i went for the zetec st or zetec s at lesat s going to spend just as much making it look like it!)
  7. So since this post I've had the engine remapped to 160 and wow, I can feel it. I've scuffed the hell out of my original alloys so decded to go to wheelbase and get some nice 16s along with elbach lowering springs from pumaspeed. A simple question. Am I Mk 7 or Mk 7.5 Mk 7.5 is Zetec S and Zetec ST right? And Mk 7 just the Zetec ecoboost 1.0? Also, can I put splitter on if I lower the car? Also having a hard time finding a nice grille to fit, want a honeycombe one and the only spoiler I can find on ebay seems to be Mk.6? I've ordered the whole premium light kit from Autobeam including LED indicators. Last question, is there any point in getting an induction kit now ive had the engine remapped to 160? I mean it cant get any faster right? Will just give it a bit of noise? You know what, I'm tempted to just walk into Pumaspeed and say heres 2k, do what you can to make it look and sound as great as you can! Lazy but saves time!
  8. Is that air filter something I can fix myself after the remap? I know the wind guards and tints can be done yourself but how about mud guards, spoiler, grill and splitter? Cheers for the links and help guys!!
  9. blimey, theres a LOT of info there I dont really have a clue about. Remap is with celtic tuning and yes, apparently the engine is the same as the 126 so they can get a lot more out of it, havent actually had it done yet, but getting it done next week. Dont like the sound of "broken synchromeshes" whatever that means? is this a bad choice? Regarding wheels, that photo isnt my car but exactly the same model, how did you find out the size from the reg. no. which website? Also, any links for some of the stuff you guys recommended i.e. grill, spoiler, flaps, lights, splitter etc? I know I'm being lazy, would rather just go into a garage and say, here a 1k, make it look damn good. Like the attached photo would be nice, those MT-1 Alloys look great...
  10. Hi guys, So first post and I'll happily admit I'm a complete and utter newbie when it comes to cars but I really want to make something of my new Zetec Ecoboost 1.0. Pic attached. I've had a new sound system put in, engine remapped (added 60 bhp!), red and black seats and I'm going to get it lowered with Pumspeed coils but I have some really really basic questions: Are my wheels/alloys 15 or 16 inch? Can you put any size wheel/alloy on a car or does it have to be the same size wheels they are now? Any recommendations on some good alloy choices or place to get some? What are some easy mods to make that will make a real difference aesthetically, is painting the alloys black worth it and something I can do myself? Where can I get spoiler from and is it something I can also do myself? Sorry, real basic stuff I know but anyone got a Zetect ecoboost 1.0 with mods and want to share? (not the ST line as everytime I see that it makes me wish I went for that instead!) J
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