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  1. Anyone actually know how this is done? Someone told me it's from a focus?
  2. Damnit I said dipped I ment side lights, sorry about that.
  3. Mine came wires already but from what I saw they just went into the other live wires for the dipped lights.
  4. Hello everyone, I saw someone selling a center console with two cup holders online and was curious if it's hard to make. I'm cheap and don't want to spend £50 on something if it isn't difficult to make myself. Any tips would be great.
  5. Hey :-) I want to colour code my rubbing strips and was curious if anyone could direct me to a place to buy some already done or if it's cheap enough paying a professional to spray them. I could do it myself but I don't feel comfortable spraying them on the car lol
  6. I didn't wanna mess with it incase I break something lol It's the same as these and it says in description that LEDs are below so...
  7. The halos do work as side lights but the rings light from LEDs below (I think) so I was curious if anyone has messed with them before and had a clue what type of led just incase I have to change them at some point.
  8. Hello everyone! I've recently installed angel eye/halo headlights and was curious where the LEDs are for the rings? Any help appreciated.
  9. I was seriously considering trading in my mk6.5 under the scrappage scheme and grabbing myself a mk8 just because they remind me more of the mk6. No offense to mk7/.5 but I never really liked them compared to the 6/.5. I had to stop myself though because it would be too expensive for me (I'm a penny pincher). The new ST looks incredible although I do agree the back end needs a bigger spoiler. It kind of reminds me of a polo at the back don't know why...
  10. I used nail polish remover on the windscreen after a good wash and it seems to improve it well. Only ever had a issue with the driver's side one.
  11. This happened to me twice after I retrofitted some Bosch aero wipers to my mk6.5 First time I believe it was my wax and after I replaced them this current time i think it was ice. Never had a single issue with my older ones. White vinegar is a very good idea, I used nail polish remover and it helped.
  12. I was removing mine to change the light inside and broke the plastic on the front (very easily done). I believe if you do change for another one you need to change a few other things too. It's not very simple. Someone suggested to me I would likely need a new key and immobilizer. Not 100% sure if that's accurate but it swayed me away from doing anything else with the instrument cluster.
  13. I made the idiotic mistake of paying the sticker price for my used mk6.5 and later found out that it wasn't worth the value I paid. I do regret it but it's best to learn on a £1.3k deal rather than a £10k deal.
  14. I have a 56 style and my radio does have Bluetooth and aux functions but doesn't actually have the stuff in the back to make them work. That could be the case with yours but being a zetec I'm not 100% sure. No idea about the door issue sorry. H4 bulbs for dipped/high beam and I would suggest osram night breakers ( had them in mine since I bought it a year ago and never had a issue with the bulbs.
  15. Hello everyone! I've finally got around to buying more (moondust silver) paint and since I did quite a reasonable job respraying my spoiler (will supply pictures later when it's on) and I did well spraying my grilles, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on removing the stock (fiesta mk6.5 style) wing mirror cover. I know how to paint it but removing it without breaking anything would be nice to know. Alot of my current improvements are just pot luck so with this one I'd prefer to know. Just a little add-on question also, everyone who has them painted seems to have only half of it painted (I assume due to covers being smaller) shall I paint the full back or mask it off 3/4 down like others seem to have. I hope you understand what I'm saying because it's difficult to explain lol
  16. That seems like alot of work, I will eventually do it because I'm running out of things to do lol. Love the seats by the way :-)
  17. I was lucky to get some MoMo's alloys too for winter, they are alot bigger (can't remember the width) but they are gunna be very beefy for winter tyres.
  18. I have electronic windows it's wing mirrors I was curious about. Although that is quite a informative guide.
  19. Super easy to do (obviously looks better in the dark) the wiring is so simple.
  20. They are 15s, don't think wolfrace do them anymore. I got them for £150 with brand new tyres so can't complain.
  21. Look alright just need the centre logo put on
  22. Hello everyone, I seem to be having a issue after I de-tangoing my headlights. The passenger side headlight's cut off seems to go way above the other. Basically I'm in for a MOT next month and I'm a little scared it will fail due to this. Any ideas on what I've done would be great. I think I may have scratched the inside of the plastic or possibly knocked the ballast off. If anyone's had this issue please let me know below. Thanks alot
  23. I got some wolfrace urban racer 7 alloys for my mk6.5 style, massive improvement over the basic steels.
  24. I'd love to do the wing mirrors, was swapping the loom easy? Add some footwell lights, it's really easy. The white ones are really good (they have a purple look due to high Kelvin count)