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  1. Just had the car to the garage and they diagnosed a wiring problem from the EGR anyone know of this problem when you start the car all is fine then you rev it and the coil light flashes and the car is really sluggish wont go over 30mph at first but builds upto around 50mph after a while any ideas what wire it could be or what fault thanx
  2. ADMIN

    could you change the settings so you can search words 3 letters long ??? searching EGR you cant as its to short
  3. tddi erg valve

    what happens if you block it ??? my valve is clogged and i need a new one would the ball bearing trick solve my problem or not ?? thanx
  4. glow light flashing

    Ok the RAC have been out and the egr valve is clogged up he tried to clean it but it didnt work so can you clean them and if so how thanx
  5. My 04 mondeo has just lost power and the glow light is constantly flashing i can get about 50mph in 4th but pulling away is really sluggish any ideas guys thanx
  6. The back and front doors are leaking on ym 04 plate mondeo the water is running down and in through the rubbers that are on the cars body not the doors carcraft messed about with them as there was a whistling sound and then when we went back they said it wasnt their fault GRRR any ideas ??? cheers
  7. i got it sorted a quick internet look and i found out it was a split in the pipe that goes from the egr to the intercooler ford only part £43 including vat
  8. My 04 plate mondeo tdci ghia has seamed to lose power, we had a service done yesterday oil,air filter etc but its still kicking out black smoke quite a bit at times and when your driving along its as if the your pumping the accelerator peddle slightly as the car seems to rock any ideas guys ??
  9. I need the doors adjusting on my 04 mondeo as they are leaking in water along the bottom rubber the water must be running round and coming out there how do i adjust them so they pull themselves in creating a tighter seal cheers
  10. had 2 new discs and pads fitted the caliper was fooked so needed replacing the guy even broke his tool
  11. thanx m8 others on another forum have said the same stickiy piston its getting booked in for a disc and pad change so i will let them clean it out
  12. The rear wheel on my mondeo has started to give of a smell like a burning clutch and the wheel gets so hot you cant touch it could it be the break binding or the worst case the wheel bearing burning out the guy said on its MOT it will need new pads and discs soon and feeling the disc it is worn around 2mm out of it cheers
  13. Is there a way to reset the key fob on my Mondeo 04 plate i have replaced the battery but its still wont lock or unlock the car Cheers
  14. Focus tdi fuel cut off switch

    no it stalled all the lights came on the dash and nothing else, wont start again