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  1. Was it guard x or diamond brite, both are pretty rubbish to be fair. Last a couple of months if your lucky and the dealers washing techniques are shocking so the paint condition will be poor for it to adhere to. Far better off with a good quality wax and will last at least 6 months if its cured for 24 hours and double layered. check out detailing world.com for more info
  2. Just had the same fault on my edge now, went to dealer and they also said call the AA.
  3. The dealer The dealer is talking total rubbish, my car is a 2016MY and auto relocks
  4. Is this just a sync 3 function or does sync 2 do the same?
  5. That's disappointing, I had the same issue on a new Toyota avensis about 7 years ago. To be honest I never noticed the issue and the dealers told me when I collected it from the first service that the rear discs were no good and had all been replaced under warranty.
  6. I have sync 2 with a towbar fitted and can confirm my car does auto lock. However it did stop working when my towbar was incorrectly coded but once that was resolved the auto lock feature now works as it should.
  7. llo2006


    Can you upload your vids please
  8. I'd imagine it must be software related, fingers crossed your's gets fixed next week.
  9. It only seems to have started working since my towbar has been correctly coded today, I haven't altered any settings on the car.
  10. So my towbar man came to reprogram the edge today, I have sync 2 and can confirm that I get a message to say trailer connected and disconnected, also I get the little trailer icon when in reverse and when an indicator malfunction I get a message and the indicator goes at double the speed. my car now auto relics too after 45 seconds which it wasn't doing when the towbar first went on, I have a non genuine ford towbar installed by my local mobile guy but it has the dedicated electrics and functions as if it were a factory fit one. It only cost £520 as well.
  11. It appears I have exactly the same situation as you, I also have sync 2 so unsure if it's the sync system or how my car has been programmed. I have a non ford towbar system. My towbar fitter is coming back to reprogram my car next week now he has a new software version available from westfalia. also my car does not auto lock.
  12. That video would be extremely useful Jim, I'd really appreciate that.
  13. They have used non ford vehicle specific electrics, think it's westfalia but not sure. Can any of you guys confirm if you get a message saying the trailer is connected when you tow? I'm just after some pictures to show the towbar fitter of what the dash should be displaying etc with reverse sensors etc.
  14. No there isn't, the switch turns both front and rear off. He hasn't got a clue, just taken the bulb out my caravan and it doesn't even tell me I have a bulb out. The car either isn't programmed or they have fitted a crappy scotchlock bodge job electrics. do you have any pictures of your dash you can send when trailer is plugged in?
  15. Well I'm having a towbar fitted on mine tomorrow from the local company just in time for our Easter break, I'm curious now as to what mine will display. I am having dedicated 13 pin electrics. had my towbar fitted today, when I put the car in reverse the sensors are still going off and no pictorial of a trailer is displayed. Called the fitter when I got home and his response was you have to turn them off manually with your switch in the car, it's funny how my Audi use to deactivate automatically and display a trailer hitch on the screen. Anyway to cut a long story short he is going to make some enquirers next week with the technical department, at least I am able to take the caravan away this weekend now.