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  1. mastachaz

    Number Plate Reverse Camera 2016 Zetec S

    check under cover in your boot(right side) if you have grey connector .
  2. I should have number for old mk3 loom
  3. mastachaz


    online quote ? or need call ?
  4. on right side only , need to remove few plastic around to be able look behind carpet for connectors.
  5. mastachaz

    Mk 3.5 spoiler

    question is why you need this ?
  6. mastachaz

    Mk 3.5 spoiler

    i think its built in or will need some drill as this have to hold somehow.
  7. mastachaz

    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    Yes foccus dont work on cars above 2017 need change in sync 3 AIMP module few numbers using forescan. . then will show you camera now sync dont know you have it.
  8. mastachaz

    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    Activate camera or sync
  9. mastachaz

    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    I have no idea mate 🙂
  10. mastachaz

    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    thats great man , im here to help when i able to do 🙂
  11. mastachaz

    mk3.5 sync3 removal

    yes need to remove it little bit , use that.
  12. mastachaz

    Silicone beneath front windsheild washer jets?

    i use normal silicone before on bumper fresh paint was ok , 🙂
  13. mastachaz

    Ford Focus 2017 Reverse Parking Camera

    @Jonro2009 only on genuine 🙂