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  1. Yes 🙂 but must be on mk3 , I did not have time to swap chrome to rubber and window yet
  2. well , because i got genuine set of rear windows , also i dont like to someone do something on my car and just to remind that not was my question.
  3. i got 19 with standard supension and its not that bad as people told me it will be , think its all persona prefences
  4. Hi Anyone has any info how to swap window on rear door ? I want swap for tinted . also swap chrome to rubber but this is another story 🙂
  5. spoiler ready to fit going for around 120 delivered so no point to buy and paint
  6. only polish but looks deep so i dont think so , only replace this part.( I will have set for sale next week)
  7. think is no matter what panel you got they should charge you nearly same , as all this bodyshops charge price per panel .
  8. not to buy 2hand because will be harder to them to paint it ? and more work ? 😄 a bit funny 🙂 no one will blend 2 panels or 6 in total for 375 😄
  9. most of interior are of st 😄
  10. you can always drive to me 🙂 i can help with fitting . its was titanium 🙂
  11. To fit spoiler its p&p front and back its only extension , requiring removing matt piece , im sure you can do it yourself for sure
  12. they know nothing 🙂
  13. yes they are for 2013