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  1. i saw it on black not looking bad 🙂 but better option for sure get rs 🙂
  2. i dont think so that new tablet sync 3 its easy to fit anything there 🙂
  3. there is no info on ford website but must be same as old focus.
  4. i dont have mk4 so i dont know 🙂 sorry this is mk3 - mk3.5 topic 😛
  5. i dont have your car with me so i dont kn ow 🙂 normally you need plug in boot , loom camera and activating.
  6. i dont think there is software to activate it 🙂
  7. you can see if its not led , if they looks same its must be broken , they are quite cheap on ebay.
  8. maybe then rs in automatic ?
  9. replace panel.
  10. I dont have until hmm november , when was really damp.