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  1. Hi, Does anyone know how I remove the plastic bezel which is covering the lamp itself? Mine is smashed and I don't really want to pry it off. Its a mk6.5 fiesta, there seems to be some confusion as some people have a screw to remove and it comes of and some people just pry it off. Thanks Paul
  2. Yeah mate, the fuse was black. a 15a fuse was in the socket for Daytime lights (Scandinavia only) so I just replaced it with that one which I assume I dont need
  3. Nevermind, very rookie mistake from me, didnt realise there is two fuse sections for the cigarette lighter.
  4. Hi, Not sure if right forum section but... My 12v charger thing doesn't work anymore, its strange as it was working before, and I tried it again after a couple of months (I barely use it) and it isn't working anymore. I tried replacing the 15a fuse which is behind the glove box however there was not a fuse in the slot for the cigarette lighter there, and I didn't change it and it hasn't fell out, I tried to put one in there and it just doesn't sit in, kind of like the fuse for heated seats because I do not have heated seats I guess the metal prongs which hold it in are missing or was just never there in the first place? Unless of course it doesnt need a fuse and has one inside. Oh and the car is a mk6 facelift fiesta, 1.25 model. Thanks Paul
  5. Jeezus christ, thats no where near as bad as what I have on mine, it was barely noticeable. Did that cause a heavy vibration as it seems quite severe?
  6. Hi Mark, The garage I went to just took the front two of and refused to balance them or even try to because they were buckled. I went home and put the front two on the back and the problem still persists but from 75mph+ instead of 70mph, so it sounds like its the wheels. Still yet to go to another garage though and get another opinion on it, which ill do next week at a garage which claims to straighten alloys too.
  7. Think im going to go to a new garage tomorrow, perhaps the same company Jets Tyres but a different location as noticed on their site they do wheel straightening, if anyone can recommend a good place to go for advice in south essex would be good to know.
  8. Just a quick update, swapped the wheels over, tried to look at the two apparent buckled wheels which the garage said. Could see it but it wasn't the worst they have seen im sure, it was very minor, although on a balancing machine it could look worse, the back ones which are now on the front didn't appear to be buckled however whoever owned the car before me could have done the same trick as me. I've got the same issue still though, when im driving I feel like vibrations in not only the steering wheel but also in the footwell can this also be a sign of buckled wheels?. It is literally just as I hit 75mph and happens most of the time but not all of the time. I'm totally baffled as to what this could be, and as someone else has said going to ebay would mean trusting whether they are buckled or not, which I primarly wouldn't depending on some circumstances. I guess if the back two are buckled, it will still vibrate the front ones due to it vibrating the axle and frame etc possibly? Not entirely sure
  9. Hi Steve, Thanks a bunch, gonna test out the car this evening see whether or not it is still shaking at 70-80mph, then will post back here as I swapped the wheels around. Did another quick look on ebay and yes there is plenty. Kinda strange how the ones that are on my car are more expensive though than other models, guess its because they are more scarce so therefore prices are a tad higher. Turned out I was searching for the wrong thing, searching "Mk6 fiesta alloys" was a lot better. Ta
  10. Don't believe either of you two know whether or not I could buy some of the other mk6 alloys and fit my tyres on, as the ford spares website says 195/60/15 tyres for those you linked. And the tyres on my car at the moment are 195/50/15, so slighly lower profile I think? Not entirely sure. Yes, the man in the garage said it was very common, I live in Canterbury most of the time and the side roads are very very bad.
  11. Hi, Firstly im not too sure where to post this so I apologise if its in the wrong place I went to a local garage today to get my wheels balanced as I have been experiencing heavy steering wheel shaking when going around 70-80mph, I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta (its the facelift model if that is any help to anyone the one with the different design lights), upon arriving back to see after looking around at a few shops, they told me my front two wheels were buckled and one of them and I quote "the worst they have ever seen", I'm unsure whether the rear alloys are buckled though and I asked whether they could swap them round for the mean time till I find another solution, which they said would be pointless as it would put strain on the axle or bushes, something like that. They didn't charge anything so not overly bothered These are the alloys I currently have now: I have a few questions, is it not worth me moving my back alloys to the front and front ones to the back myself because of what they said for the mean time? Has anyone had wheels repaired? I've looked this up as an option and it seems cheaper than buying second hand ones and buying second hand ones also is proving to be quite difficult to find (Essex). I'm not overly bothered about the wheels being damaged if they got repaired as the car is quite aged now, just more the safety of having wheels repaired and if it would have any repercussions later. And finally would anyone know if alloys from other mark 6 models would still fit my car? As this might be a little bit easier to find other alloy models. Preferably I don't really want to have steel wheels on there because that will degrade the value of the car and wouldn't really want any complaints if I sold it with the alloys that is currently on the car. (Although I only have had the car for 2 months and its been like this since) Thanks if anyone can help Paul
  12. Sorry I posted twice without realising