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  1. how do you get into those setting to do auto locks on forscan mine comes up as 1.8 petrol on forscan ??? And its a 1.5tdci
  2. Will this still do the things like add auto close on and other bits
  3. Anyone else had thus message at about 85% then it won't connect . Any idea how to fix this
  4. I was thinking of modfing the existing one jist need to get my missuses titanium side by side and work out the looms
  5. I jave the screen the contol mod is on the back of the screen the braket to make it fit and the fascia for the radio got it all for 100 quid this is where im up to looks like the smaller connection needs to join into the big connection on the spare plugs but where then looks like you need to use foCCCus to change stereo type
  6. hi guys im trying to see if i can change the radio settings on the car and other bits . can the foCCCus connect by bluetooth or does it have to be the elm327 cable ?
  7. I have the small screen in my car shown in the pic . But bought the big screen nav version shown in other pic . Question is any one done this conversion and it work ?
  8. Any one ever done this i have the big sat nav version ready the cd player makes a noise like its coming on but no pic on the screen its a sync
  9. Yet it does have nav I know the only thing I know I won't be able to control is climate luckily my missus has the titanium so I can check looks and that between the two
  10. I have found a rolled one he said 150 quid for what ever I need just need to know what I need
  11. Ahh sorry I thought this was the same issue
  12. I have this one In the 1st pic I want itike the second one
  13. Sorry typo I think it is sync 2 I'll only find out tommorrow .thanks I'll give the forum a good look over
  14. im after the same answers with the mk4 2015 I have standard sync stereo but i want to upgrade to the sat nav one I know the climate control wont work but who uses that any way! from what I gather its head unit, screen ,fascia module and aerial plus cable I have found a doner car to take it out of I think it will just need a schematics diagram to work out what's what between the two cars (one that has it one that does not ) I can not imagine the whole inside loom being different