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  1. Hey guys I just wanted to ask what peeps view was of HDI Tuning and if anyone had used them? I can't justify 300 smackeroonies for a bluefin especially when there is only a 20bhp increase, but this company is offering 34bhp for 150 quid with an ECU remap. For the money I haven't seen anything like it. I thought I would ask the oracles before I bang this on a credit card 😃
  2. Blimey how can I not do it now I have read that 😂
  3. ThePowster

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Aye I've seen those and they look good, add a bit more protection than no lid at all. Might have to treat mesen, gonna see how I get on with lid removed for a few days and reassess.
  4. Dee... When you had yours mapped what benefits did you notice and was it worth doing?
  5. I'm sure mines a 110bhp version, said it on the as when I bought it. Bird gave no explanation as to why she was late, so I'll not only be upgrading the car but upgrading her too 🤣
  6. ThePowster

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Oh wow I didn't know that, cheers Tom for the heads up. I'll make sure I put that away somewhere safe then for MOT time :)
  7. ThePowster

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Hey guy's. I just wanted to update this post as things have changed since I last spoke about it and I didn't wanna give any newbie the wrong impression. Initially I hated this filter but as time has gone on my thoughts have changed. When first installed it, on the first drive I hardly heard it. On the second drive it sounded louder but still barely audible, maybe the ECU was compensating for the extra air, I am not sure but it defo got louder the more I drove. I have found a cool thing with it, in 5th gear at say 40mph, if you accelerate while its just labouring and picking up speed and come straight off the gas it will give a nice chirp from the turbo 🙂 It doesn't work in any other gear so far, just 5th at 40. So I have been looking on the internet about RS and ST focuses because they are the daddies and I take a lot of inspiration from the performance versions, well a lot of those guys just remove the airbox lid. So I have just been out and taken the airbox lid off and crikey! I can hear it now 😂 I've left the bottom part of the airbox on so the top is exposed and it's quiet loud and you can hear it sucking all that cold air in with each gear change. Finally I have the sound I was looking for, albeit with an exposed filter, but way I see it is, if it's good enough for RS guys to risk, it's good enough for me. So now it's doin' it's thang, my mods have been: Snorkel Delete Bonnet Sound Proofing Removal K&N 9289 Top airbox removal Feels quicker, sounds better, happy now with the induction noise, if anything it's a bit too loud lol. I am considering some bonnet vents now just to allow the hot air to escape from the engine.
  8. Damn still not getting email notifications... Thanks for the input guys that helps me a lot! See I knew you guys would know what's what lol. Now if only you could advise me what to do about this lass I'm dating tonight who's late, cos in my book being late, well that's not acceptable lol. Pleased to get some answers here and now understanding none of that is plug n play and there could be bills or reliability issues, I think a remap is gonna be the way to go. Thanks a lot fellas. It's back to the drawing board lol.
  9. Evening guru's. Ok so I'm just wondering out loud here and I've been mulling over the question, so thought I would ask the powers that be, least this way I can sleep at night rather than dreaming about it lol. Is it possible to just bolt on a bigger turbo to the 1.6 TDCi engine ? I'm guessing it's not that easy? I've been reading up and think that a GTB 1449 vz is a direct bolt on but I could be and probably am, wrong lol. So does anyone know what options are out there for a bolt on upgrade? I've seen the hybrid ones but they get fetch big money, these GTB ones are like 70 quid on evilbay. I also read somewhere that a supercharger unit from a mini may bolt on, but again I doubt it's gonna be that easy. I'm just curious if anyone has the answers to this one. Oh while I'm here, I also read 330d BMW injectors go in. Does anyone know if these are plug n go out n play kinda mods? Ta muchly :)
  10. T says thank's for that mate, got a Haynes manual coming in the post, soon as we know what a pressure hose looks like lol we'll check it out 🙂
  11. ThePowster

    K&N - Don't waste ya time folks

    Dunno why mine isn't singing then Ian, think I'm gonna have to take mine off just to check and make sure it's seated properly, but I am pretty sure it is. Yeah a stock one probably would have been just as good, still it's an upgrade as far as servicing goes and if I manage to get 200k out of it, it might have paid for itself lol.
  12. ThePowster

    Need a top rad grill for a mk 2.5, mesh anyone?

    Crikey that's not good about Ford dealer. Straight swap? Eeeekkkk… This is going to cost me much money. I wonder how much behind my rent I can get before I get in trouble lol. Cheers for link I will check out nbstyling too 🙂
  13. ThePowster

    Need a top rad grill for a mk 2.5, mesh anyone?

    Right next question.. Larger intercooler 🤣 Nah I will wait to see if I can install this lot safely first before I break sommat else.
  14. ThePowster

    Need a top rad grill for a mk 2.5, mesh anyone?

    £56.80 just because the bonnet wouldn't open 😤 Mind you got an updated grille and a new lock n key. Not too happy about having to carry an extra key but then I thought, don't need to carry it, just leave it in glovebox, sorted 👍