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  1. Spoke to a new local mechanic today, mobile one. He's coming out to me pad to do it for me in 2 weeks, £280. I had kinda decided this morning I was going to have a go myself but it was bitter cold out there so I thought nah, Had it been summer defo, I'd have had the right temp and plenty of daylight hours to do it. Just got me smart charging ecu error codes to look at now since the new alternator install, oh and some new wheels and tyres 😀😫
  2. lol some good advice here 😁 Damn Dee you make it sound so easy, almost convinced myself to have a go then. Thing is, I can't even make a rice pudding properly, how am I going to successfully replace a cambelt 😟 I don't understand the terminology, what pins, what flywheel and to think I could not adjust something correctly on top of that, eeekkkk = engine clatter clatter splat, done lol. By time I done cambelt, pump n fluids, or if garage do it, then steel wheels n tyres, .. I could buy a Beemer on fleabay for 995, not much in it. Least I'd look boss for a week driving that around until that imploded lol. I guess me options now then are: 1. Man up, buy the parts, have a go. It's only adult meccano ffs, bolt this unbolt that etc 2. Sell a kidney and pay an independent garage and trust them to a) know what they doing and b) do it right 3. Buy that ZZ-R 1200 on fleabay for 1.5k and store the focus until I grow a pair and have a go at it over time 4. Look into public transport. As they say, you'll never have any money when ya have a woman or a car, nothing further from the truth. I az got some thinking to do ...👍
  3. The 2 bolts at the rear of the alternator barely get an open ended c-spanner in, and when you manage to fluke it it's blind taking it out, no chance of socket in there or even a ratchet spanner. 311k is good mileage, yep sounds like similar boat.
  4. My pleasure mate. I have loads of pics which may help. If you want them could resize them and fire them across on email. Let me know if that would help. 280 doesn't sound too bad. I'll ring around see what I can find. Thanks again mate :)
  5. Oh dear.... got excited then but it's well above my level of expertise that one 😵 even with an empty garage and all the tools in the world I still wouldn't have a clue lol chance of me doing it right would be slim, to none, would make a good metallic sound though when I'd go to start it 🤣 I might just run her till she pops, bet there isn't many miles in her tho shes at the limit. Gonna have to be garage job this one 😤
  6. Oh god the alternator 😖 Took me 4 days sat out on the tarmac in the dark and rain. Hated every single second of it. You can get the old one out from the top of the engine, but there is no way the new one will go in that way, I tried and I mashed it up, too many scratches and gouges in it. Installation has to be from the bottom up. Wheel has to come off, wheel arch liner, under engine plastic tray thing, it's a real fiddly job, hardly any room inside the engine to get 17mm spanners in there, can't get purchase on the bolts, god knows what Ford was thinking. Took me 1 hour to get one bolt out that's on the blind side of the alternator, like 2cm of room just to get a spanner in and it's blind doing it, no chance of torquing it up to spec, managed the 2 outer bolts torqued but not the two hidden ones so just nipped um up tiiiiight. Thanks a lot for those links, appreciate you taking your time this evening to find me those, thanks, I'll go make a cuppa and give um a thorough read
  7. Thanks fellas feel a lot better reading that 🙂 isetta - never knew about steel wheels, so had a look and can get some nice new silver ones £59 quid each, not bad at all, but then 240 for those and tyres eeekk am talking another 450 all in for a set of wheels n tyres, still ya want new wheels they never gonna be dirt cheap, by time I made my focus right I could have bought an RS 😀 Albert27 - Talking sense there mate. Wow 172k and still going strong, that gives me some comfort. Yeah I do the oil once a year in summer last one was really clean and used flush. Only did about 6k last year. Put K&N on there, done fuel filter for good measure. Ohh I'd love the link for the DIY job yes please. Alternator was a pain though so if it's harder than that I am probably out my comfort zone.
  8. Evening fellas. OK so I have a dilemma. Bought the 09 plate mk2.5 (or is it mk 2?) Focus 1.6 TDCi about 4 years ago. Ran perfect for all that time only needing 1 battery, was mapped n gutted when i bought it with 99k on the clock, really cheap motoring, then all of a sudden I am getting bills. Recently my instrument cluster needed repair - £106 Then I needed a new alternator, belt and tensioner - £180 (absolute sod to do, don't do it people and never again). I need 2 new front tyres and 2 of my alloy wheels are seriously bent, bought it like that, am surprised a tyre takes to the rims to be honest it's that badly bent. Car has 124,780 on the clock, cambelt due at 125k. Body is showing signs of rust now. So my dilemma is.. do I keep throwing money at it, get the cambelt done, water pump, second hand set of alloys and tyres which is gonna cost me a small fortune, but then what, the gearbox could go and I get odd clutch judder when it's cold in a morning, only very slight, always done it, feels like a stuck clutch release bearing or something, it soon passes and doesn't do it again. I don't want this to be an endless money pit and I am not sure if I should cut my losses, or invest heavily in it 😶 Maybe it's a case of, better the devil you know. I could buy another car and have to do all this to it anyway, least this way I know it's been done. Oh I have some error codes still, some battery smart charging rubbish which I don't have the energy to look at, at the mo it's running, 12.5v no ignition and 14.8v when running so am leaving well alone for now. I just don't know what to do moving forward. I am expecting the cambelt to snap anyday now. I could buy a Yamaha Thunderace on evilbay for a grand, keep it in my living room and work on it eeeeasy in the warmth with the kettle on. Just if I invest in this and then sommat big goes, clutch, gearbox, I dunno I'll have ramped up loads of dolla on credit cards which still need to be paid and no transport. So questions.. 1) What's a cambelt and waterpump cost roughly and where would I go to get this done? 2) What kinda mileages can I expect outta a 9 plate with a new belt n water pump done? I hear these engines are not the best. If they all gonna implode around the 160k mark anyway am I not best cutting my losses? 3) Anyone wanna buy a focus 😄 4) What would you do in this situation? Bah humbug... fed up 😯
  9. Yep I filmed most of what I could with the camera phone so I have some reference for when it comes to putting everything back together. I'll be working outside unfortunately in the rain 😞 Halfrauds sell this like large jigsaw foam square thing that clips together as a large mat, save me laying on the cold floor, so I guess I'll grab that later, another tenner down the swanny Yep got a proper trolly jack and axle stands too, so fingers crossed it's not too much of a job. I'll either break it, or after all this it will still show 11v lol will see
  10. Things ya learn lol middle men Halfrauds eh, shocking. Back in the day they used to sell parts not just car wax and air fresheners. It was 12 quid collect Tuesday. Ta, taking it to bits not been bad, now I need to learn the zen and art of patients and assembly lol. It was only a few months ago I was saying my Focus is super reliable, never let me down, since then I have had faulty instrument cluster, alternator go, now I need cambelt doing and I have 2 buckled wheels and insurance due Feb lol costing a fortune. Someone once said to me, whenever you have a woman or a car you'll never have any money, tru dat.
  11. Really interesting read fellas :) sharing great knowledge here. Alternator ordered, that tensioner thing and I went to Halfrauds to get a alternator belt and they dont stock them, huh!? So I had to order one in for next Tuesday and I spotted they did 2 types, one for A/C and one without, something worth knowing when ya come to get a new belt because until today I thought it was just one belt lol. I'm hoping it's not a big job now and the fact I have to go through where the front wheel is makes me wonder if I needed to take half the engine out in the first place, oh well it's been an education. I'll be shocked if I manage to pull this off, fit a new one, put it all back together and it run and give me 14.4v but they say dreams do sometimes come true lol.
  12. OK I got that noddy part off, it was a bolt underneath. My car is full of parts and I don't know what goes where 😂 i'm hoping it's plug n play when it comes to reassemble time. So now I can see the top of the alternator, probably cant get it out through the top, so underbelly off and wheel and wheel arch liner and apparently I can unbolt it that way and pull it out. So aside from an: Alternator Belt I need this too and bobs ya uncle? 14.4v again?
  13. Help! I need somebody Help! Not just anybody Help! You know I need someone Helllllllp! I cant begin to tell you how fed up I am with this focus... So i tried pulling the smart charge plug (thanks Tom) and nothing changed, car idling at 11.6v I've done a lot today, took as much out as I could to get to the alternator but I cannot for the life of me remove this black thing. This unit has things attached to it, I have snapped the tabs on them and still cant get them off as well as the 2 screws holding them on obv. I dunno where its bolted on, I cannot see it, I've tried standing on my head, nothing. The second image where I snapped a tab well the module below it I tried to undo that and the bolt head just sheered off, it was rusty, so if that was the bolt that holds it to the car am screwed. Anyone know how to get this off please? Thanks 🙂 Oh while i'm here, now the battery is removed is the earth wire on the alternator still a danger or am I safe to touch and remove it should I get passed this stage?
  14. Gulp.. thick black wire scared me ☠️ lol I'll be careful OK cool I will see if I can see it and have access and give that a go, if not I'll remove the battery just in case and start taking all the lovely bits off the car to give me access. Seems strange how as soon as I put the IC back in after an IC repair this happens, I wonder if IC being off and battery being on could have caused this or an incorrectly soldered IC causing a short but again not sure how an IC could affect the battery itself so god knows. As you can see, I know nothing what I am on about haha. Interesting to know what the smart charging thing does, thanks 🙂 I'll report back when I know more 🙂
  15. Yep 1.6 TDCi 🙂 Hmm not sure what a smart charge on the alternator means 😞 Haynes manual doesn't go into any detail. But that sounds like a great way of identifying a problem. Do I just unplug whatever is on the alternator and start it up and see? Can I get access to do this with everything in situ? Not done timing belt but it needs doing at 125k and mines 124k eeekkk lol but it's on my to-do list. OK so if it turns out to be alternator I am best buying new: Alternator Aux belt Alternator tensioner And possibly smart charging wiring loom?