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  1. OK just to recap. This never happened again in the car apart from that 1 time. Combination of cold-ish engine temp, foot ta floor and ESP system off caused the engine to just die. Yesterday I replaced the fuel filter, a MANN one, cost me 52 odd quid lol. It was really easy to do and I actually quite enjoyed doing it. I bought a manual hand pump with hose and drew the fuel through into a jug and put it back into the car, fuel was really clean. Haynes manual says they should be replaced every couple of years, the one I took off looked mint and I only use V Power and Millers, still it's replaced now so from a process of elimination point of view if it ever happens again at least I know its not the fuel filter.
  2. Does the mk 3.5 washer unit fit on the mk2 water bottle or did you need a bottle as well?
  3. Ah I went in one of those once, .. sideways down the duel carriageway lol, driver was drifting from left to right, felt night and day difference to the one I had. I was only getting about 25 to the gallon, god knows what your 205 is getting lol. It does sound expensive, maybe you should swap it for a sorted Focus TDCi remapped with 140 horses and 60mpg, oh n all it needs is a washer jet upgrade installing if ya that finnicky about it being perfect, sounds like a bargain to me that 😂🤥
  4. Mine are upgraded Stephen, gone from the mk 2.5 ones to the mk 3.5 ones which are mist type jets. I got the jets installed but the pump not powerful enough to get the juice all the way up the screen, so now I have had to buy the mk3.5 pump, watch it not fit my bottle now lol then I really will scrap it! I had a GT4 once, it wasn't that quick so there must have been sommat wrong with mine. Practically wrote it off, I was in snow turning right at a set of lights, pulled away in first and the back end let go, I hit the brakes and just slid for ages into a pub wall and knocked it down lol so much for 4wd. I asked on a forum how that could happen and they said I didn't have my snow tyres on, I figured 4wd would save me, it didn't. Here she was, slow as ya like, even me Focus is quicker lol. After I got me grubby hands on it haha. See not much snow so I must have slid on ice. Ended up fixing it myself and swapped it for a Honda Prelude 2.2 Si V-Tec, now that was fast.
  5. I am just having the problem of the washer jets making a mess of my bonnet after usage. Happened with my last washer jets and is happening again with the brand new Ford mist jets from a mk3. I've just bought this in hope that the pump will get a better spray as it is only spraying in the bottom quarter of the screen. So it's 15 quid for that, 33 quid for the jets, then I need the new Bosch blades another 40 quid and finally some decent windscreen wash. What turned out as a, ohh I know I'll simply update my washer jets to stop the mess on the bonnet is soon going to turn into a hundred quid spend and it probably wont be any different afterwards.
  6. Well I've just put an offer in on a mk 3.5 washer pump with duel thingies on it which I am guessing is a front and rear feed. I take it the mk 3.5 one will be powerful enough as that pump is what's operating the jets in the first place. Then I just need a gret ammer and install it 😄
  7. lol. I'm fed up tarting up the focus now. It's right done me head in. Think am just gonna let it continue to rust to bits, that seems to be happening all over the place too. Am sure it will add a nice patina effect and give it a rustic Mad-Max look 😎 I might look into some gret bull bars or sommat. Had an affair with a married woman last year, she has 11 plate focus and almost every panel has rust on it now, mine's gonna go same way, but I do wash the bugger 😏 Cycling season soon be ere, I'll dig out me Raleigh Banana and get that ready for summer instead, least that will keep me outta trouble lol.
  8. I think my bros new (10 plate) Mondeo only had water in the washer bottle, we set off for a journey to Meadhowhall, on motorway we needed to clean screen, each time he tried the jets, nothing coming out as it was frozen but on each pass the screen got more messy until it was almost too dangerous to drive, that's why water alone is never the solution, especially this time of year when we have minus temperatures. Now if they only did silver screen wash I would be alright lol 😄 Some useful info there Wilco. Now why couldn't I have read that before I threw 30 odd quid at this lol. So with the pump is it a case of any mk3 pump will be plug and play? Or do need the bottle to go with it? I am seeing ones on evilbay for the mk3 but I aint sure if the pump only does the screen as my rear wiper also has a jet, not sure if the mk3 does or not so don't want to 'upgrade' to find I lose my rear wiper lol. Not sure if I should quit while am behind or what. All I do know is, is that I don't like blue streaks all over my James-Bond-Aston-Martin-Silver-Colour Focus 😶
  9. Damn n blast... 😫 After reading on here about there being a solution to the dreaded 'washer jet leaking all over the bonnet' issue, I invested 33 odd quid in the mist type upgraded heated ones that my car needed. So I took my time, installed them carefully, nothing to it really, pop one out pop the replacement back in, make sure all connections are snug, I tested it out and... well, see for yourself 👎 It's worse than before! 🤬 So my advice to anyone wanting to upgrade is simply, .. don't. It clearly, isn't a fix, you just get a different pattern of water SPRAY on the screen. Fed up now.
  10. Now that sounds like good common sense to me. Never knew about the heater on it, standard one it is :) That was easy lol thanks Tom ;)
  11. Evening folks. I am just about to buy a fuel filter, not cheap at 50 odd quid for the Mann one, anyway I was looking at the spec of it and they all say up to 109bhp, well mine has been fettled with 140bhp and I had an engine cut out the other day when booting it from slightly cold, so I was wondering.. Could I install a high flow fuel filter to make sure the car has enough gas when it needs it? I am looking at this one: Is it really as easy as taking mine out and plumbing this bad boy in? Or for some reason will this not work? I'll wait to hear from the oracles before I order sommat wrong 😄 👍
  12. Thanks Tom. Maybe original is way to go 🙂
  13. Ay'up chaps. Does anyone know what the best fuel filter is for the 09 1.6 TDCi ? I'm looking at a MANN one at the moment WK 939/13 for 40 odd quid. I don't mind on cost, ya buy cheap ya buy twice, I just want a good one I can fit and forget for the next few years. Cheers 😉