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  1. Hello all So my petrol 2.0 Mondeo hit 102k today what bits need doing as got brakes coming up to do in a month or 2. I have done nothing to it my self apart from regular services tyres ect anything need to be changed in the engine area? Water pump or along those lines? Thanks in advance
  2. 22 2.0 petrol mondeo 2008 4years ncb 440 with hastings
  3. Any radios recommend for an easy fit in a 2008 preferably with bt streaming and a good speakers ?
  4. Also any scratch remedys to help remove some old basic ones
  5. Thanks was hoping for a cheaper fix since the car seems to just be getting scratched to death by other people
  6. How do i repair this had a little scratch when we first got it. Just washed it and seems to have got a lot worse now how shall i repair this?
  7. Thanks thought as much will it make a reasonable amount of clatter then if its getting loose?
  8. When would this need doing or looking at mondeo 2.0 petrol 2008 currently near 94k miles. I think this is a chain so would it only need a check?
  9. jjmmww1


    used the elastic band trick and it worked and the engine light has gone out now so im guessing it was that will update in a week or 2
  10. jjmmww1


    So had 3 screws of the 4 out then it seems like the last one has been stripped. Best way to get this out and where to get replace nent screws?
  11. jjmmww1


    Thanks guys and i changing the pack over tomorrow then will update how it is
  12. jjmmww1


    thanks ive got some coming and the plugs only got done with service just under 6 months ago
  13. jjmmww1


    sorry didn't get a chance to yesterday
  14. jjmmww1


    I'm not to sure but ive had a look and theres a cable tie currently holding the wire round the coil pack so maybe just a lose wire. as far as I can tell im guessing its a single
  15. jjmmww1


    are there any videos on how to change one on my focus as i can only see the old focus but i have done one on my old fiesta it was just 4 bolts unplug and change is it the same for this one? as its currently 23 for a new one on eurocarparts