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  1. Had my ST-Line from new 33 miles on clock
  2. In my Mk3.5 Mondeo & Mk 3.5 Focus I ran the cable through the headlining and down behind the door seal, and under the glovebox, never had a issue an it isn't noticeable.
  3. Thanks but there are no files like that as I delete them when found, I also have deleted Thumbs.db when found. I do though have the cover art as folder.jpg as this put the cover art as a picture on the folder. I use FreRIP MP3 Converter, which does RIP FLACs, I edit tag using MP3tag.
  4. I have Sync 3 and re-ripped most of my CDs to FLAC format which Sync 3 supports. But some cover art doesn't display what I have saved to the FLAC/ MP3 files, it either displays nothing or a random picture which is NOT on the 128GB USB flash drive. Part of me thinks it is Grace Notes related, but I had to disable Grace Notes as it was renaming the albums I had ripped, but they are OK after I disable it.
  5. I can't recall ATM, I'll have a look though the receipts I kept to see if it says anything.
  6. Is it possible to get a PDF version of the handbook? I have found the online version, but that is more Euro version that UK.
  7. I have downloaded the FOC app. But I couldn't remember what password I had used and I get I have been locked try again on 0 minutes. I'm sure what it is now. How long is that?
  8. A few years back my 05 Mondeo had a issue, it was like I was pressing and releasing the accelerator. It turned out to be a crack in the turbo pipe.
  9. I bought a twin cig charger from Halfords. Both are 2.1mHa
  10. Back in 2007 I bought a Mk 3.5 Mondeo at 18 months old I waited about 6 months to get one. So I guess it could be soon
  11. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (soon Note 8), and there are no apps compatible with Sync 3. I'm sure I've seen mention of a AA app. but without luck. Are there any recommended apps that are available? I would love a video player,
  12. My colour cost £525, but it was the only colour ST-Line they had in stock. So that or wait, and miss the April 1st VED deadline So its £0 over £160
  13. Hi On Thursday I picked up my brand new 2017 Ford Focus ST-Line, Magnetic (Premium) paint, Rear Privacy Glass and Rear Parking Sensors. Slowing getting used to the size and lowness of the body kit. It has the Sync 3 with SatNav :D I've only tried 4 times to remove the ignition key on a keyless start :D