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  1. loss of MPG

    Hi I have a 2010 galaxy diesel and I have noticed a massive drop in MPG. I wanted to know if a faulty EGR would cause this problem? If so, is this part a main dealer replacement or can an independent do it, is there special software needed to calibrate it? Also what other causes could there be for a massive drop in MPG? Thanks Mel
  2. DPF problems

    Hello I wonder if anyone can help. I have a 2010 Ford Galaxy which I love, but in the past two weeks, it has started to give me a few problems. I was driving, and the wrench light and engine malfunction message came up on the central display. The following day I took it to a local garage, and they ran a scan with a Delphi scanner, and the following code was reported P244C code – Catalyst temperature too low during regeneration, bank 1 The mechanic suggested I get the DPF glow plug replaced as these are known to fail and cause this fault code, and it was not too expensive a part under £50. Anyway I went ahead and booked it in for the weekend and continued driving the car for five days, on Saturday before the job started the codes were read, and an additional code came back P2463 Diesel Particle Filter – soot accumulated I collected the car and was told to take it for a run and see if a regen would clear the warning message. The message is still on the dash and few hours into the motorway drive the amber engine management light also has now illuminated. Any ideas of what next to check, I obviously don’t want to change the DPF and it gets clogged again due to some other issue. The car thus far seems to drive okay, but I want to get this sorted and warning messages and fault codes cleared. Thanks Mel
  3. Hello

    Hi I have just joined. A proud owner of a Ford Galaxy :)