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  1. Has a distinct smell of ignition switch. Let's see if you can help me to help you :-) Can you please explain the type of keyless ignition you have? The one's that I have driven before have a credit card type thing that goes into a slot. Also, I don't really do diesels. On a petrol car this problem is easy to test by running a wire from the battery to the coil and then turning the key to take the ignition part of the barrel out of the equation. If the car then starts, that's the problem. There may be a similar test for diesels, maybe giving the glow plugs a permanent supply? I will ask diesel people that I know. Also, it is possible that the problem is inside the alternator, but test the ignition switch out first. Good luck Paul
  2. Do you still need help? This is certainly an odd problem. You could look at the earthing points and try rotating relays, i.e. take all the relays out and serve the sections one at a time using the relay from the rear demist if that is known to work okay. I can scan and attached the wiring diagram if you still need it. Good luck, Paul
  3. Hi Neil, I have also just bought a '07 S-Max and have just asked the same question in the forum. Mine is not Titanium, but I will be doing some scavenging at the breakers soon, so if I find a facelift version I will look at the fixing points. I can't believe that the 'Zetec' trim level comes with AC and a heated screen, but no light in the glove box? :o Anyway, if I find the answer, I will post it here. Good luck, Paul
  4. Hi guys, I'm new here, so I thought that I would start with a very small question. Can a Mk1 facelift front bumper be put onto a pre-facelift version? I'm encouraged to believe it will from looking at pictures. After all, the headlights appear to be the same, but I could be mistaken and it never hurts to ask :-) Many thanks, Paul