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  1. Thanks for your advice people, I finally got it off today, had mole grips on the rack and stilsons on the tie rod end and it came undone! The new one had flats on so no problem fitting that. Sorted, cheers 👍🏻
  2. I attempted to change the drivers side inner tie rod on the steering rack on my 2007 fiesta earlier. I have the tool but there are no flats on the old tie rod to undo it. I tried large waterpump pliers but the teeth on the rack started to move and I was worried it was going to break. How do they come off? The new rod has a male thread and flats to fit the tool to fit it.
  3. I did get it sorted, looking at the old unit I took off, the plastic tab holding the spring loaded rod back was broken off and it seems that it was done for a reason. I ended up breaking mine off on purpose just to allow the rod to move freely, and after levering the latch rod down i got the handle in and it now springs back as it should. Happy days. Thanks for asking!
  4. Ok, I changed the passenger side lock/latch mechanism earlier On my 2007 mk5 fiesta as the car wouldn’t lock. It seems ok now apart from there is no spring pressure in the outer handle, it pulls out and stays out. I can see a spring loaded small bar being held back by a plastic clip thing so I’m guessing if I released that it would give me the spring return pressure needed to pull the handle back in? There is no lock barrel on the passenger door. Is there a way to release the rod with the handle in situ? I don’t fancy taking both the outer & inner door cards off again!
  5. Hi people, Have any of you bought a rear shock from Rates Ford via eBay? Looking at the images it shows the complete shock with top mounting fitted. Part number is 1327469. I have messaged them to see if it comes already to bolt straight into the car but not had a reply. I don’t want to buy it and then find out I’ve got to buy the top mount and rubber bushings as well! Cheers in advance, Jon
  6. Right problem solved. Just before I was gonna take the door cards off for a second time I noticed the long black plastic trim along the lower half of the door was loose at the front. I put some black roofing sealant (that’s all I had left at the time) along the edges of the trim and the noise has gone! What a result. Thanks Ian Lanc, don’t know what I would have done without your input!
  7. Ok today I put some adhesive grab in between the plastic trim and door as the trim was defo loose, and now it doesn’t move. Unfortunately the rattle is still there so I’m back to square 1! I thought that was gonna be the problem but it’s not. Door cards inner & outer off again tomorrow, I’ll have another look.......
  8. Hi I have a 2007 3 door fiesta style and I’ve just noticed a really annoying tapping/rattling sound mainly above 50mph on the motorway, coming from drivers door area. I took the door card off and the glass out, loosened the inner door card to see behind it today but couldn’t see anything loose or touching the glass or the inside of the door. It’s like a quick constant tapping noise but it’s hard to locate whether it’s coming from the front middle or back of the door it’s doing my head in, I’ve pushed the glass back when going along to see if it makes any difference but it doesn’t. It’s not really noticeable below 40mph.
  9. Chrismawa, have you had the service done? Is the car ok now?
  10. Does anyone know what could be causing the jerky throttle on my 1.6tdci? Usually in 2nd gear crawling through slow moving traffic with the throttle pedal slightly pressed, it feels as if im pressing up and down on the throttle causing the car to jerk and judder. If I accelerate through it seems to disappear. Any ideas please?
  11. Hi, I have a problem with the child locks on my 2009 Mk2.5 focus Zetec. The passenger rear door will not open from the inside no matter what setting the child lock is set to. The drivers side rear door child lock doesn't work at all, you can open it from the inside whatever the switch is set to. The main central locking works fine on all doors. The child lock switch on the drivers side rear door is loose and flops about in the hole and the one on the passengers side doesn't feel much better. Are these items expensive to replace? Are they fairly easy to access once the door panel is off? I don't want to go delving in and then find there is an easy fix!! Cheers
  12. Thanks for your advice Focusoap, so far the cam cover & gasket look good, no leaks there, nothing pooling around the injectors either. I'll check the pipe for the turbo & air filter box next, and I'll give the engine a degrease at the weekend. Hope it's nothing too serious!
  13. Hello, I was checking over my engine the other day and noticed oil all over my air conditioning pump bracket. The sump is also wet with oil, I found 1 loose sump bolt but can't see anything leaking above the air con bracket. Any ideas? Cheers
  14. Hi all still new to the site and the focus, I've been reading various horror stories about turbos blowing on the 1.6tdci (mines a 2009 model mk2.5) so although mine runs fine pulls well and doesn't smoke or make any nasty noises I had to have a look in the air intake pipe to the turbo. There is a small pool of oil in there and a small amount of play in the shaft, about 1mm max. Should I be worrying yet and is this a sign that the turbo is on its way out? The car has done 60,000 miles and has full service history.