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  1. Unbelievable, I have the same 2010 car as you and only after watching your video did I discover you can pull the driver's armrest out Only had the car for four years. Next second-hand car I buy had better come with a manual Looking forward to seeing more of your videos to see what else my car has hidden away
  2. Doesn't sound very user-friendly or convenient Is this because you hard wired yours to the battery? Or do you still have to disconnect (unplug) it if you use a cigarette lighter socket?
  3. Halfords will come to you and fit a new battery Should anyone else find themselves in the same situation
  4. Is that when the engine has been off for a while or when the car is running?
  5. I Think the AA guy would have noticed that, unless the OP called Alcoholic Anonymous by mistake
  6. Carl123

    False alarm

    My car has a dash cam that is stuck to the windscreen with one of those rubber push-on suckers. The mount came loose one night causing the dash cam to fall to the floor setting of the interior sensors and the alarm. Neighbor was not impressed the next day when I saw him... so I told him I had caught 5 yobs trying to break into my car and had fought them off with a broom handle wearing just my slippers & boxer shorts. Boy, was he impressed then!
  7. Mine does the same, totally has a mind if its own as to whether it's raining and how much rain is falling. Someone needs to create a retrofit kit that coverts it into a standard intermittent wipe, adjustable by the existing sensitivity control I would convert mine tomorrow. At the moment it's just a pain having to constantly adjust my wipers whenever it is raining.
  8. If you record the sound and post it here, someone may recognise it
  9. Strongly suggest you get this sorted ASAP. It's only a £80 fine (reduced to £40 if paid within 28 days) but no Tax almost always invalidates your insurance. So, if you are caught driving the car a nasty police office could also do you for no insurance which is a much bigger fine and 6 points on your licence, which means your insurance costs will go up for years to come. And guess what, we have lots of nasty police officers in London.
  10. There is no leeway unless there is an official statement to that effect Taking the chequebook with you would be no good if your registration is read by one of those Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras, unless you intend waving your chequebook at it as well. Your car will not be taxed until the cheque clears not from when they receive it. Any mistake on the cheque will also mean your car is not taxed and you will not know that until they contact you to tell you. If you sent the cheque 2 weeks ago it should be taxed by now unless something went wrong You can use this website link to check if your car is currently shown as taxed
  11. You will be fine, just leave it until the already scheduled service date
  12. Thanks @Lenny That's useful information I did not know I do have my radio codes but they are buried deep in my parent's garage and I won't be visiting them for a couple of weeks I may have to risk unplugging the cluster with the battery still connected as 2 weeks without the radio means I will have to listen to the wife's moaning on every trip Thanks again
  13. If I want to remove the instrument cluster from a 2010 (Mk 2.5) Ford Focus, can I just pull out the connector from the back of the cluster or should I disconnect the battery first? I don't have the codes for the radio at hand so would rather not disconnect the battery if I don't have to Thanks for any replies
  14. Let's be honest it's the so-called smart motorways that are killing people. Anyone could have a legitimate breakdown, through no fault of their own, and be left with nowhere to escape on a smart motorway. Previously, even the idiots that run out of fuel could usually make it to the hard shoulder. I've seen many of them being refuelled by an AA patrol man or other breakdown service.
  15. Carl123


    Ouch, maybe worth getting a second opinion on what is draining the battery from an independent auto-electrician Or you can do some diagnostics yourself if you have a meter and are OK with electrical stuff Eric here will guide you through the basic process