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  1. Carl123

    Looking for a reversing camera adaptor

    Try this
  2. Carl123

    Car insurance renewal

    Why? Just switch to someone cheaper. Insurance companies need to learn that people will leave them if their insurance is too high. Especially on a renewal. They don't reward loyalty these days so why be loyal to them The only way they are ever going to change is if people vote with their feet.
  3. Carl123

    My cars previous owner is keeping me busy. :(

    No it's a perfect fit for mine, no adjustment or glue was needed It just slots straight in and clicks into place
  4. Carl123

    My cars previous owner is keeping me busy. :(

    This is what I replaced my broken latch with (focus 2010) The bottom part clips in, ignore the screw holes on the top part just glue it on. A perfect fit Latch on ebay
  5. Carl123


    Did you just forget where you posted it?
  6. Give it a few weeks then have a mate call with a fictitious air-con problem and have him ask if a diagnostic fee is charged if the work is done with them If they say "No" you have them Just remember to record the call yourself
  7. Carl123

    Whats this for?

    Spare wheel mounting bracket thingamejig ?
  8. Carl123

    Dashboard Compartment Lid

    This one fitted perfectly on my Ford Focus 2010, done it about 6 weeks OK £2.99 with free postage Dash Compartment Latch
  9. Carl123

    MK7 ST Clutch pedal sticking

    Even if the fault has disappeared, book it into Ford as soon as you can, make sure you tell them exactly what the fault is. Even if they find nothing wrong, you have it on record that you told them about it during the warranty period, so if the fault returns afterwards you can argue that they should have found and fixed the problem when you first took it to them. That's their job.
  10. Carl123

    Seat Belt alarm issues

    You should be able to disable the alarm completely if you don't need the reminder beeps Search on here or on Google or Youtube
  11. Carl123

    Help fitting voltmeter guage Mk1

    Should be no need to power off with the car, unless it's an illuminated display (bulb) Mine is wired in permanently, so that if I do not use the car for several days, I can just peer through the window and see if the voltage has dropped enough to warrant taking it for a drive to charge up the battery a bit.
  12. Carl123

    Ford Focus 62 Plate Car Alarm Issues

    See this thread You can use a paper clip to temporarily fix it
  13. Carl123

    Engine System Fault

    Sell or scrap it Especially since you still have a service and MOT due in 12 days, you do not know what that will show up which could cost even more money
  14. Carl123

    1.6 Zetec Poor Starting

    I would concentrate on this first as it's not right and needs fixing anyway. I suspect air in the system so follow the correct procedures for your car to get the air out and once you cure this problem you might find it cures your starting problems as well If not at least it's fixed and you can eliminate it from your thoughts as regards the starting problem.