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  1. Service message re-set.

    I recently did an oil change at the 100,000Km mark, call it 60K miles for cash on my 2015 1.5TDCI. I found online that I could reset the service message by pressing down the brake pedal and accelerator pedal together for 20 secs (With the engine off obviously) and bingo, the message disappeared. The problem is in the weeks that followed I'm getting a very, very light but noticeable high frequency buzz through the wheel on the motorway. The engine just seems a little less smooth than before. I used the recommended Castrol oil and genuine filter. The only thing that crossed my mind is the ECU has some sort of alternate mode that it goes into when a service is overdue to protect the engine and my dirty reset rather than being plugged into a ford computer hasn't taken it out of this mode? I had the wheels balanced, tracking done and the rears and fronts swapped but no change. Or is it just the engine getting looser as it get's older? I do almost exclusively motorway miles as it's a commuter mobile so I wasn't expecting it to start feeling old so soon.
  2. 2010 Galaxy TDCI, steering vibration

    Very late reply. It seems to have been some rubber in the suspension or track rod ends. My technical Spanish failed me. Anyway the vibration is nearly all gone now. I think as the engine ages there is a bit of wobble but that's about it.
  3. 2010 Galaxy TDCI, steering vibration

    Damien, Thanks I'll have them checked. Old Boot, I had all 4 alloy wheels reconditioned so they are "as new" Had the previous front tyres put on the rears and two new Pirelis fitted on the front so I think I've ruled out a wobbly tyre for now. I think it's more like to be bushings or other parts of the suspension or engine mounts.
  4. I bought a second hand 2010 galaxy 2.0 TDCI powershift a few months ago. 65K miles/105K Kms. I didn't do much motorway driving until recently and I noticed quite a bit of vibration in the sterring wheel. I brought it to the local tyre fitter and he showed me quite a bit of a lateral buckle in one of the alloy wheels. I had them refurbished and two new front tyres fitted as they were due for a change and had the wheels balanced. I saw the previouslt damaged wheel on the balancing machine and it was perfectly straight in both axis and balanced according to the screen. This hasn't stopped the vibration. It is most apparent at 70mph/120kmh. It is a slight side to side vibration or buzzing. It's more when driving uphill or with the engine under load. The engine seems to create quite a shudder when stopping and a plenty of vibration at idle certainly compared to the newer generation in my Focus MKII I'm going to bring it to the main dealer but I'd like to have an idea of common faults or known issues before they just start replacing bits willy nilly as main dealers are sometime prone to doing rather than fault finding. I'm thinking some of the bushings in the suspension and/or engine mounts? I'd appreciate your opinions, as always thanks for taking the time to reply.
  5. Mk III facelift centre console removal

    Avi, Spot on! Couldn't find that video. That's perfect. I was worried I'd snap the trim if I puller it but that's pretty clear. Cheers.
  6. Mk III facelift centre console removal

    Thanks Zed. I hadn't thought of that. Good idea. Are you saying you didn't remove any trim, you just tucked it into an overlap?
  7. Mk III facelift centre console removal

    Cringe.. Sorry, I assumed the pre facelift was a different MK. I've edited the title. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I think you're right but I'm scared to break it. Anyone else know for certain?
  8. I'm trying to remove the centre console on my 2015 Mk IV Focus. I'm new to Fords after a long time with VAG. There doesn't seem to be any info on Youtube or around the forum on trim removal. Anyone know how to do it? What I'm trying to do is run the USB cable behind the dash and have it come out closer to the phone cradle which is just below the air vent on the passenger side (Left hand drive) and I want to remove this panel to tuck the cable in behind the panels. Cheers.