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  1. I have had my car for about a year and a half now. Although I was initially very happy with the sound system (I have see many other cars with terrible sound systems unless you buy an expensive one), I am now looking to change it for something a lot better. The issue I currently have with my one is that the door (or at least the car) tends to rattle when there is average-high bass. On top of that, I just want something that sounds a lot better than the current one. Would anyone recommend what to get installed (I will want it done professionally)? Would someone like Ford or Halfords have services to upgrade my sound system? If so, how much might it set me back, including installation? Links would be great too :)
  2. Just started today. The car is about 8 months old and today I noticed when driving it was making a squeaky noise from the left. It squeaked a lot more as it went over a speed bump. Anyone think they know what it could be and what I should do about it?
  3. Pictures of Tinted Fiesta?

    Judging by the picture in Keith's post, it looks like it's the shade just below limo black.
  4. Pictures of Tinted Fiesta?

    I can't see it. Can you post it again or a link?
  5. I am looking to tint my Black metallic Fiesta MK7 Zetec in about a week. I am going to get the two rear windows and the boot window tinted. Those of you (preferably people with black car too), what shade would you suggest? I feel that the full on limo shade will look nice with the metallic black but I haven't seen many pictures of the MK7 (black) that is tinted. Would any be kind enough to post pictures if they have tinted fiestas, especiallly black? Also, what shade would you guys suggest for the MK7 black Zetec?
  6. Tinting Rear Three Windows

    Yea I would like to know this too. I have the metallic black MK7 Zetec and will be looking to get my rear 3 windows tinted soon.
  7. Where Can I Get MK7 Titanium Alloys?

    Ooo pricey for no rubber :(
  8. I want to upgrade my alloys (currently own an MK7 Zetec). I want to get the ones that the MK7 Titanium or even the Zetec S have. Is there a place on the Internet where I can purchase these? Where would be the best place to get the alloys and if anyone has an idea, how much would it cost roughly?
  9. Problems With Car?

    Basically I have driven 400 miles, it was a brand new MK7. I take it around and I have noticed the clutch is slightly stiffer, as well as the brakes, compared to when I first got the car. Also, after I have driven it, when I turn the ignition off, there is a strange smell. Something like tarmac :S Finally, shifting into gear 1 from when my car is stationary sometimes doesn't work I have to go neutral then back up to 1. Is this normal?
  10. Footwell Lights

    Great :) Bought myself two of the ones you showed me. The seller didn't sell them in pairs. Got the 5 LED one too instead of the non-LED ones. They look very bright on your pic and I'd rather have something that doesn't heat up like the original bulbs.
  11. Footwell Lights

    How easy is it to install? Will it require tools or what?
  12. Footwell Lights

    I like that, I will go for the same. How many bulbs will I need? One for the passenger and one for the driver footwell?
  13. Footwell Lights

    Thanks mate. Are these ok: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Side-Light-Bulb-Red-...id=p3286.c0.m14 I'm looking for some blue ones and red ones for the MK7 Fiesta.
  14. Footwell Lights

    When you switch the ignition off, but the car isn't locked, the footwell lights go on. It looks really nice at night but I'd like to change the light so it's red or blue instead of the standard one. Does anyone know how I can do this, where can I buy the bulbs and also if it can be easily fitted by oneself?
  15. Coins Box

    Right got the coin box on the right. I didn't notice the handle :D Also, that arm rest looks great. Did you install it yourself? Is it easy? I am a total !Removed! when it comes to these things so if it's something I can do by myself, then your seller will be expecting another sale!