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  1. speakin another language to me, Dave lol it was a different guy who fitted my lowering kit but my new mechanic is who i took it to that mentioned these spacers. he didnt know anythin about the camber at the time, wish i could just find a guy who could do this job for me! your tips, Dave, make it sound so simple lol
  2. thanks for the tips Dave! 👍 i took it to my mechanic he said he lifted her up and had this "spacer" idea. not knowing about cars i took his word but now your suggestions make me think theres other options out there. can see by Dars pic thats the height id love and he has 40mm on his yet im strugglin to get mine down to the same. the spacers i have in my possession are the hubcentric kind but im looking on fixing my negative camber first before trying the spacers to align the wheel with the body. my car is still out being fixed so ill have to wait to send further pics to better explain my words.
  3. thank you for the replies and a huge apology on a serious late reply of my own! i did get a bumper soon after your message from ebay and took it to a guy to be fitted, sprayed, etc. looks fantastic and i completed the look with a second exhaust.
  4. this is mine, a twin almost of Wilto's motor... and she has a front number plate i just chose to black it out for the pic.
  5. i only have old pics of my previous ride height before i bought the new kit, i only have a video i made this morning before my car was taken away... im on holiday and i lost my car key on the beach, 2hrs of searching before darkness came brought up nothing so insurance company arranged to have her taken away and locks changed, duno why they cant just get Ford to cut her a new key!? so i made a video to record no damage at time of pick up, i have a courtesy car atm, 5dr Corsa and its just not me lol ill have her back in 48hrs im told so ill send foward pics then
  6. thanks to the guys that replied to my message, some nice lookin motors, Wilto your Focus is very like mine i always thought about the black spoiler and you have it done, it looks well, on the above mentions i can understand the front would be lower due to the load weight, i have seen Focus' with the level look i want so its possible to bring the back down, i do have 20mil spacers yet to be fitted to widen the wheels but im concentrating on getting the ride height first then fixing the camber, then the width.
  7. hi everyone, been doing mods of bits and pieces to my mk2 Focus and improving its look. one job on my list to make it sexier was to have a lowering kit installed. the first set i bought didnt reduce the height as much as i had wished for so i bought another fully adjustable lowering kit in the hope to get the car to squat that bit further. i have 18" genuine RS alloys on the car already. my mechanic was able to adjust the front to the perfect height i wanted as my local roads are not forgiving so i needed to allow for the car to deal with humps and hollows at a fair speed. now, the back end i could not have adjusted to meet the front as my mechanic said it was down as far as it can go, he then suggested a "spacer" will help reduce the height. so he ordered the part (he bought it not me) and said its coming from China so dont expect it soon. two months later it has not appeared and visits to my mechanic for updates seem to annoy him. short story long, im looking to find out what this spacer is so i can source it myself then get another mechanic to fit it. the car looks like it is slightly leaning foward from the side. gap wise the front is 2" and back is 5". if anyone needs any further info to help find me these spacers then i can happily provide it. i hope some of you beautiful people can help me out. thanks in advance, Jay.
  8. hi everyone, my first post lol about 9 months ago i purchased a red mk2 Focus Zetec having fell in love with the sellers pic. He of course sold it off as a ST replica until on the day i seen the rear standard bumper complete with tow bar however i decided id finish the look myself. once i sorted my finincials out i had the tow bar removed and 6 months then set about looking to source a ST bumper and spoiler to complete the look... easier said than done! months passed and long story short i trusted google to find me the bumper and of course it gave me 1001 items other than what i needed. So if its possible can anyone direct me to a website or area i can source the genuine part? your help will be hugely appreciated, i have the ST look all around until you see the back i have to reverse park against walls at times lol hope any of you Ford folks can help me complete my journey! p.s. once i have the correct rear bumper fitted i can move into fitting the 2 exhaust pipes as well, just incase any eagle eyes spot i would have 2 missing exhausts peeking out from their respective locations under the bumper!