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  1. Wear and tear at what miles does.....

    "If I get some answers I can do the intelligent thing" well i hope you get the answers your looking for, and like i said , i didnt mean any offence. Ive got 120,000 miles on my clock and i have no holes, my last car i had 117,000 on the clock and again no holes, hope that helps you . If you already have holes in your seat and low mileage car then its a pretty good guess its either not the true mileage, or something has caught it creating a tiny hole which would then accelerate the "rubbing effect" you seem sure has caused the problem. Good luck
  2. Wear and tear at what miles does.....

    You kind of missed the sacrcasm in my answers, but then why am i surprised, maybe i missunderstood your question. You have stated in your question that your car has a hole in the seat, has low mileage, and you then ask at what mileage do seats develop holes ?? Scenario 1 - my car has 50,000 miles, i weigh 15 stone, on average i get in and out of my car every 10 miles over the course of the 50,000 miles, as most of my journeys are school runs and shopping trips. Scenario 2 - my car has 50,000 miles, i weigh 8 stone, on average i get in and out of my car every 100 miles over the course of the 50,000 miles, as most of my journeys are driving to and from work in london. in scenario 1 i am mostly wearing jeans, in scenario 2 i am mostly wearing suit trousers. Are you sort of seeing the point i am trying to make ?? holes in seats depend on 100's of different scenarios and could only really be measured if everyone weighed the same, got in and out of cars the same amount of times, wore the same clothes, entered and exited the car in the same manner, and all the seats were made from the same batch of material + other factors. I didnt mean any offence , but you know the old saying, ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.

    I never have liked the taste of bullets mate ..lol One of the first things i looked at was the drilling and tapping, but its just impossible in the space provided, removing the alternator and doing it might work but then i have the issue of removing and refitting it which is something that i have never done on the newer model escort. and whats the deal with scrapyards nowadays, used to be able to buy most parts for for under £50, now everything seems to have a RRP , second hand alternator with a whole 3 month warranty £85+vat best ive found so far, that was from Mr.Robin Bstard.

    Has anyone got any ideas of how to bond two types of metal together. I have sheared one of the threads off of my alternator and need to re attatch the live wire back onto the terminal, they are normally attatched by a metal ring crimped on the end of the live wire which loops over the thread then a nut holds in in place. But seeing as how the thread has sheared leaving just a flush surface, i need to try to attatch the metal loop back onto the alternator, was looking at soldering but its on the side of the alternator the solder just wants to run off the surface( as its a liquid in its melted form ) Was hoping someone might know of a product that can bond two metals together ? ( remembering its electrical ) Any ideas no matter how wacky would be gladly recieved as anything is better than forking out £200 on a new alternator and fitting. many thanks in advance. Scott.
  5. Wear and tear at what miles does.....

    Bit of a silly question, but ill give you some answers. scenario 1 - Car has 5 miles on the clock , someone goes to get out of the car, they have a small screwdriver in their back pocket...hole in fabric, so your car has got 5 miles on the clock. scenario 2 - car has 413 miles on the clock, someone spils oil all over the seat and decided to replace the seat with a second hand one because its cheaper than buying a new seat, so your car has 413 miles on the clock. scenario 3 - can you see where i am going with this ??? Also you ask the question how many miles has your car done, but you say that it has got very low mileage on the clock. not sure why i have just spent 5 mins of my time on this question not sure why i just spent 30 secs typing that i am not sure why i spent 5 mins of my time on this question. if i stop tryping now i wont waste anymore of my time, so why am i still typing ?? answers on a postcard please.
  6. which sensor first ???

    I think i will give the throttle body a try and also the ISCV, i will remove the temp proble and test it. air filter has already been replaced along with the fuel filter, spark plugs, oil filter etc. Thanks for the info J.
  7. Diagnostic results

    Just had the results of my diagnostics, they have recommended throttle body cleaning and replacing the 02 sensor, does anyone know if this sounds right as regards to the issues with my car , revs sticking, eratic temp, high fuel consumption and a running a bit lumpy when idle occasionally ?
  8. which sensor first ???

    Hi, could use some opinions on which sensors to check first. My car is a escort estate 1.8si R reg car suffers from, high fuel consumption revs sticking at around 2000 when driving temp guage reading varying from nothing to the middle and anywhere inbetween On previous messages it had been said that certain sensors may just be in need of cleaning, my question is in which order should i clean the following Air temp sensor Mass air flow sensor Coolant temp sensor Are Air temp sensors and mass air flow temp sensors the same thing ?? And finally, is there any other sensors that may not have been mentioned yet ?? I know thats a lot of questiuons to ask, but hey , thats what you guys are good at right ?? Many thanks.
  9. buy a diagnostic machine ?

    Any idea of cost and also how difficult are they to use, im trying to way up all the options and see if its worth it. By the way my car is a 1998 ford escort estate 1.8si 16v if that helps.
  10. buy a diagnostic machine ?

    Hi Does anyone know weather it is possible to buy your own diagnostic machine ?? I have seen diagnostic machines on certain auction sites and on google, but not sure if its worth investing in one, if ford are going to charge me £100 for diagnostic and i can buy one for less than that it makes sense. Anyone got any ideas. Have not seen this question asked on here yet so could be interesting.
  11. escort estate 1.8si excessive fuel, revs sticking ?

    I am of the same thinking, first thing my dad taught me when i learnt to drive was £10 will get you 100 miles then put more in, i have stuck by this for the last 15 years, needless to say i have run out of fuel many times ........ I have to admit i have only just learnt the book MPG, 34 for my estate, so for a tenner you get a little over 2 gallons ( 4.5 litres per gallon ) which if driven like a nun i guess i could stretch 65-70 for my money , so with my car in need of some sensor overhauls i guess 40 odd miles for £10 is not far under what i am realisticly going to get, especially loaded up with kids, camping equipment etc now where did i put that old chip fat, stick that im my tank see how she goes.
  12. escort estate 1.8si excessive fuel, revs sticking ?

    Hi and thanks for the reply. if it was only the revs i would tend to agree about the ICV but with the other issues mentioned i am swaying towards other problems. As for the fuel consumption, 50 - 60 miles from £10 worth of fuel in a 1.8 16v is poor, i know this because i have previously owned a 2nd 1.8 16v escort estate and a BMW 318 1.8i with air induction kit, both of which even when driven hard i would expect a minimum of 60 - 70 miles for my money, but i guess you need to take into consideration short journeys, motorway driving etc .
  13. escort estate 1.8si excessive fuel, revs sticking ?

    Having issues with locating the following Mass Air Flow Sensor Air Temp Sensor Coolant Temp Sensor I am using a haynes manual, but it only describes how to do a job, not how to locate the parts. Daft question, Does anyone know if my car has an ECU ? Is it worth taking the car for a diognostic check or are these really expensive ? thanks.
  14. escort estate 1.8si excessive fuel, revs sticking ?

    thanks i will try both of those tomorrow and let you know the results. i also heard about resetting the ECU , fairly easy job to do, but was told this is only needed after a air filter upgrade etc. i have a standard air filter that was changed recently due to the fact that the previous owner just ran the car from 1 MOT to the next with no work inbetween, so you can imagine, pretty dirty, wandered if that helps in diagnosing problems. thanks
  15. new to this forum so please bare with me. I have got a escort estate R reg 1.8si 16v, i have just done a shed load of work to the car, replaced front and back brakes, complete service , air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, new exhaust etc. It flew through the MOT today with not a single advisory note, which i am taking as a compliment to the work i have put in. The problem i am having is, i have very high fuel consumption, put in £10 today, have not even got to 40 miles and i am going to need to put more in. To go with the excessve fuel consumption, the revs stick occasionally at about 2000rpm then with a tap on the throttle drop to around 700 rpm and runs a bit lumpy, to add to that the temp gauge is up and down, never above half way and just seems to go up and down as it please's. I have a feeling after a bit of research that this could be down to a couple of things, either the choke is sticking which causes the revs and high fuel comsumption, but because of the temp thing, i am thinking some kind of coolant temp sensor fault which is causing the ECU to tell the engine its cold when it hot so dumps a whole load of extra fuel into the engine. i really am at a loss and any help for a first timer would be great.