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  1. Thanks all for help.. it was the bearing ring that was smashed to bits.. took them the day to fix it but everything is all ok now. Still have the issue with GPS though so im suspecting it may be the aerial.. what are others using to replace the aerial? my DAB is rather sketchy too at times.
  2. absolutely fella! they buggered it up they can fix it.. cost me nearly 2 hours in driving there and back .. only thing thats bothering me is the GPS they didn't seem know anything and denied they did anything.. i know the battery was disconnected , does anyone know what i might need check.. i know theres common fault with the gps aerials getting water ingress but seems too much of a coincidence.
  3. Ive got these and i do like the look of them but obviously not to everyone's taste.. If i didn't have those i would have replaced the headlights to include them
  4. cheers , thats what i think they have done too.. so annoying it causes so many issues!
  5. mine too a 2011 focus.. had the rack replaced 3 months ago! same issue just no power steering... really criminal ford dont admit its a common problem!!
  6. Morning all.. in need of some advise.. took my car to garage to have new clutch as its been slipping so knew it needed new one. So took it in new clutch put in all fine .. noticed knocking on full lock when i got it home.. gradually got worst so took it back up to the garage. Guy whips the wheel off and discovers some plank didn't seat the driveshaft properly on the passenger side , so after doing that he gives it a run and all good. Queue me getting in the car drive about mile up the road, ABS light comes on, traction control off, hill start off, speedo drops to 0 , steering gets heavy, and engine management light comes on, so turn it around and go back, guy says might be damage ABS sensor or ring but cant look at it today ( this was 6pm yesterday) so im booked in on monday morning for diagnostic.. CAR ONLY NEEDED A CLUTCH!!! anyone have any advise.. do you think its the sensor they have buggered up on the passenger wheel thats causing all these issues? also another thing is since they did the clutch my GPS has now started give me no signal as well?? so any suggestions on that too. Thanks all!!!
  7. Why does my car have to be a 5 speed !!!
  8. I have admit i'm with you , mines same engine with the pcm update too and that's made a hell of a difference to the car I can still beat people of the line and i do enjoy thrashing it to get most out of it you have too.. and you def need know how to drive this engine to get most out of it...
  9. Good luck with your search fella, you have a cracking car there!
  10. im sure theres a good one out there for you bud!
  11. all i will say is if for any reason you have any doubts after viewing walk away there's plenty other cars around.. also would also think about any come back you have on it. e.g warranty period which with private is most likely 0. It does seem cheap for an ST but i may be wrong as i haven't done much homework. Though he sounds like a private dealer to me so may sell yours for small profit. Personally though asking 5k for yours is very reasonable.. i'm surprised others think they are worth less than that it may be 2011 model but its in excellent condition.
  12. agree move on, they should be prepared to haggle.. blues better colour!
  13. If your going part x anyhow haggle on the new cars price rather than the tradein for yours that should get u a good deal
  14. lovely car mate! id love one too!! do you have the 1.6 same as me? must be a hell of a difference! i think thats under valued by the sales guy!.. i know they need make a mark up but just for interest my cars same year as yours and when i got my insurance claim settled they valued the car at between 6 - 6.5k so i would say you should be looking at 5 - 5.5k from a dealer or 6k privately. how much did they want for that?